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After a few years in existence, WTII Records has been able to resurrect parts of the independent music industry and seek out and find great new and existing groups to promote and release their music.  Labels like WTII and others that I feature on this site put in a lot of effort so that these artists will succeed.

This particular label was started around 2000.  The concept began even before that when the label that Bart Pfanenstiel worked for was bought by another larger label.  Not pleased with the way things were going, Bart teamed up with Dave Schock and together they're working on making this label successful.

This team of innovative people plan on conquering the underground music world by crossing genres and releasing a whole new breed of electro/industrial/darwave/gothic music.  I'm pleased with their rapidly growing roster of musicians.  Some of these include:

In Strict Confidence
Controlled Fusion
State of the Union
Beborn Beton
... and the list keeps growing

They are also working on signing more acts and I look forward to who they are able to sign and promote here in the USA.  More information to come in the future as this label progresses.

Resurrection 2 - Review

I think that WTII Records has reached another milestone at the end of 2004 with some more great releases and many more on the way.  Just looking through their latest news items lets you know how much is really going on with this label.  And now this release presents some of the new and some of the old, giving a good sample of the bands available from this label.

HMB kicks it all off with their edgy, modern cover of the classic Berlin track "The Metro".  Sweet selections like "Secrets and Dreams" from La Floa Maldita, "Blink" from Regenerator and the moving dance track "Makina Mata" by State of the Union are real highlights on this compilation which should really turn people onto this label and the releases from these groups. 

Of course there are plenty of remixes which gives a little different perspective on the tracks so if listeners have the albums they won't necessarily have duplicate tracks.  For many this is the first introduction to PTI which is the newest signing to the label.

Once again these samplers are nice to get a feel for where the label is going and where they've been over the past while.  Be sure to check it out, get a taste of the great bands this label has to offer.


1. HMB - The Metro
2. cut.rate.box - Aperture (Slither Mix)
3. Stromkern - Night Riders (part III bOOl3 mix)
4. La Floa Maldita - Secrets and Dreams
5. State of the Union - Makina Mata
6. Trigger10d - You Complicate Things (look the other way)
7. Beborn Beton - Vorbei (FAP7 Remix)
8. Deceptio Mentis - Divina
9. Monstrum Sepsis - Pecking Order
10. PTI - Alysium (PTII Mix)
11. Regenerator - Blink

Website: www.wtiirecords.com

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