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Introducing one of the great new EBM bands emerging out of the L.A. area.  State of the Union evolved from the studio project of Johann Sebastian in early 2000.  In spring of 2002 we saw the debut release from this project Black City Lights which received plenty of positive reviews including mention here on Gothic Paradise and plenty of radio airplay.  It is a pleasure to welcome this band back to the pages of Gothic Paradise with their latest releases on WTII Records.

This project is one to definitely keep an eye on in the EBM scene.  The pounding beats and stellar layered synthesizers provide a magnificent and powerful backdrop for the thoughtful lyrics and emotional elements that drive this music.  With many similarities to some of the powerful and iconic groups of the genre and era like VNV Nation and Assemblage 23 he manages to capture the power and emotion of these styles while building and maintaining his own unique and enjoyable style.

Johann is not always alone in his musical work.  When performing live he is accompanied by the talented musicians Jose Montesdeoca (keyboards), Jimmy Nimra (drums) and Hector Del (keyboards).  While I have never seen them perform live, I have read other reviews and with their moving and powerful music, I can only imagine their live show is also very enjoyable.  But for now, be sure to check out this group, read reviews here and while you’re reading, enjoy selections on Gothic Paradise radio.

Inpendum – Review

Introducing the powerful new sophomore album Inpendum from this stellar rising star.  After the success of Black City Lights, and the recognition of some of the small shortcomings of that album, this project has progressed to a more mature atmosphere of pounding beats and symphonic overtones building on monumental classical elements of great masterpieces of the past for a modern and moving EBM experience.

For those familiar with the debut album from this group, they continue to build on the same solid musical elements in the EBM genre, providing great synthesized structures as a backdrop for the emotional and thoughtful lyrics.  The vocals have improved immensely over the debut work, while still portraying a slight accent or over-pronunciation in some cases, this can add a little class or variety depending on the point of view of the listener.  But overall the song-structures come together very well for a great listening experience.

Of notable quality is the way all tracks blend together well into an expansive thematic approach of the "Impendum Virus".  The story that goes along with the music provided in the booklet is a nice addition for conspiracy theorists or those that enjoy this type of futuristic mechanical takeover or destruction by machines created by man.

Along the lines of this throught-provoking story, each song builds on one or more theme and provides a soundtrack that keeps the listener moving and taken in by the powerful music.  To kick it off are two intro tracks setting the stage for the story and kicking off the driving beat that then becomes the first single from this album "Timerunner".  The powerful beat and synthesizers are stellar and completely captivating.  The vocals are deep and are portrayed well through the driving beats and music of this track.

After this stellar opening track, the beats give way to the dreamy beauty of "Nara".  Readers familiar with the popular group Enigma which captured dance beats with ancient gregorian chants and ethnically-diverse chants and other elements will be pleased with the inclusion of this track following right along those lines providing an aural magnum opus.  This gives way to my other favorite track on this album "Unforgiving Time".  Along the same lines and styles as "Timerunner", this track picks up the pace and intensity through the layered synthesizers and moving percussion.  This track moves along with the best EBM tracks currently out there and should fast become a club standard.

The album continues to ebb and flow, build and fade from track to track as we drift in and out of the pounding realms of this futuristic realm.  There are more pounding beats as the album moves along, but it is all brought together by bits and pieces here and there that hold it together into a tapestry by stitches and threads interwoven to create a artistic pattern of creativity.

This is a great work and highly recommended for fans of moving EBM music along the lines of artists described above.  Better than the debut album, more powerful and more solid with better production and vocals.  So if you enjoyed the first album, here's something you can really dig your teeth into.

Rating: 4/5

Timerunner – Review

Introducing the first single of the new album by this talented artist.  The track "Timerunner" is possibly the best track on this new album and has been aptly chosen as the first single.  Included on this album are three remixes of the title track along with three powerful experiments in Power Noise and Drum n' Bass creations.  And on top of that, a little treat in Spanish of "... and God created man and man created machine and machine created music..." titled "Al Principio" to kick it all off.

After this interesting rendition of "Al Principio" or "In the Beginning" we're treated with the powerful original version of "Timerunner".  This moving track is nothing short of EBM at its best, powerful beats, dark and moody elements of Dark Wave and Electro-Goth tones fused with moody vocals and emotional lyrics.  Throw into the mix the three experimental noise structures and you have a powerful EP instead of a mere single.  But I think one of the real treats on this single is the b-side inclusion of the "Resident Evil remix" of the popular track "Children of the Night" from their debut album.  This remix adds new structure and depth to this already moving track.

The only downfall this single has is the incredibly annoying Noise-laiden "Quantum State" remix of "Timerunner" by Koito.  This group has often presented excellent remixes, but in this case, this track just doesn't seem to mix well with the repetative and experimental nature of Power Noise.  So if you can overlook this remix then the single is OK, which often happens with singles, there is often one that stands out as the one you can skip.  So is the case here, but providing further variety for those DJ's or die-hard fans that may want to delve into these out of the ordinary remixes.

Rating: 3.5/5

Website: www.stateoftheunion.biz
Label: WTII Records
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