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Now here is a group to keep your eye on.  The music is inspiring, but at the same time can be dark, melancholic, but dreamy and definitely powerful.  With a mix of synthpop, gothic, industrial and ebm (all my favorite genres of music) they fuse classical with modern music to make such a wonderful sound.  Few artists are able to take music and make it into a masterpiece like Soil and Eclipse can.

Formed in 1996 by Jay Tye and G.W. Childs IV, they've taken these different types of ordinary music, very nice lyrics, powerful vocals and put out several full-length albums that have all been very successful.  I don't know why it took me so long to discover them.  I actually first heard "False Prophet" on the old mp3.com in 1999 while I was scouring the internet for new music.  I'm so disappointed that I didn't stumble onto this group back in 1997 when they put out their first album, Necromancy. Their history was rocky at first with the end of their enlistment in the army, they were separated geographically with Jay in San Diego and G.W. in Dallas. Nevertheless, they managed to pull another album together in the form of Meridian. Every few years we've been able to get something new, even if it was just a taste with Archetype which featured a few new tracks along with remixes from Meridiean. We then had Purity released in 2002 and finally in 2008 their latest work Mirror was brought to light.

Necromancy is still probably my favorite album, with the most consistent sound throughout.  "False Prophet" gave me the chills the first time I heard it and I've listened to it over and over again and find it hard to put down.  The other real catcher on this album is definitely "Rejoice".  Such emotional vocals mixed with wonderful music really make it a powerful track!  Be sure and check out selections on the radio shows.

Mirror - Review

Once again fans have been starved, waiting for the next great thing to come from this duo, but we finally have it, six years later. The wait has been well worth it for this excellent new work. True to their word they have been true to themselves and their music, keeping in line with their previous works and proclaimed inspirations and goals. This album captures the classical and experimental essence of this band through ethereal soundscapes and powerful dance-friendly electronic pieces in ten new tracks.

When the band says they're concentrating on classical roots with a lot of experimentation, they certainly remain true to their word. This is apparent from the very beginning with the classically influenced piece simply titled "Violin", featuring violin, Jay's powerful tenor vocals and a powerfully moving beat along with just a touch of electronics. This essence is captured on several pieces throughout the album especially on the otherwise downtempo piece "I Was Proud", but you can't ignore the ongoing electronic percussion as the underlying foundation to this piece. So how do you reconcile experimental electronics with a powerful vocal masterpiece that otherwise would have been just as perfect sung accapella? It's unique and captivating at the same time, certainly something you wouldn't find in the pop or mainstream music scene.

I think we've established the unique experimental nature of the album, so now we can delve into the powerful ethereal, electro-goth styles that I think will really have fans going. The obvious captivating pieces on the album include already mentioned "Violin" which is similar to "O' Magnum Mysterium" in that it captures latin lyrics with modern electronics and rhythms. "Elysium Rain" is the most "standard" electronic dance piece on the album along with the driving finale "Light Of Ages" and with the mid-tempo "Lie" following closely behind with a simple, yet powerful beat underlying the awesome layered electronics and synthesized strings providing the backdrop to the smooth vocals. "She Flys With Angels" should be a familiar piece to many as it appeared on the somber When Angels Die compilation. It's another beautiful piece that starts out slow and melancholy and builds with a trance-like electronic rhythm and powerful climax.

The spiritual themes and undertones carry once again throughout the album which make it more than a fun album to listen to but uplifting and inspirational as well. It provides listeners of different backgrounds and influences with manay different aspects to enjoy and take away from the music. Of course the overall style of the music will appeal to fans of synthpop and electro-goth genres, but there's so much more to enjoy than just the moving electronics or somber ballads. This is an excellent album, another great classic from Soil & Eclipse.

Rating: 4.5/5

Purity - Review
After a very long wait for the latest album from this duo, fans will not be disappointed.  Facing problems getting the producer Count O back into the states after Visa problems last year, they finally managed to pull it all together and release eight brand new tracks and four additional remixes.

This album continues where my favorite album Necromancy left off combining very epic, emotional and classical elements together with mostly synthpop driving music.  "O' Magnum Mysterium" is another example of greatness by this group.  The managed to take a 16th century song, put it to a darkwave/synth sound and beautiful vocals for another real masterpiece. The album then continues on with the standard moving sound with "Sentence Me" as an emotional outpouring.  Amongst other great tracks is another favorite of mine, most likely one of the better club-tracks on the album "Carried Away".  I have a hard time explaining the sound of this piece to describe what it is that really catches my attention, that sets it apart from the rest of the danceable tracks.  But, like the others it's full of the things that make it great, but it also has just a slightly more driving element, more force and power behind it all that makes it that much more enjoyable.

The album isn't all about the driving rhythm and power, but also includes some quite ethereal, laid-back tracks like "Rust", "Pretend" and the very melancholy "Chains".  None captivate me quite as much as "Rejoice", but they are still wonderful ballads.

Add to these stellar tracks some nice remixes by Deathline International, Cassandra Complex and Razed in Black and you have that much more included in this album.

Very highly recommended for fans of any of the remixers and because of some similarities to groups like Diary of Dreams and Diorama I would recommend it to these fans as well.

Rating: 4.5/5

Interview - Feb. 13, 2001

The guys from Soil and Eclipse took some time out of their busy schedule to do a short interview for Gothic Paradise.  Here it is:

1. Where does the inspiration for your lyrics and music come from?

J. :Inside, Outside.. For me personally alot of my lyrics are generated from pure emotions...I'll usually sit down with a piece that either G. or I have composed pick up the mic and start singing. The music invokes an emotion and I just translate it into voice..sometimes I'm not even aware of what has come out until I rewind the tape and listen..This way it's pure...I just want to capture the emotion and remain true to the music and this process has always worked best for me.

G.W.: It varies, everyday life, books I've read, sometimes the music will inspire me, sometimes it just pops in to my head.

2. I've noticed a lot of inspirational and religious references in your music, such as angels and prophets? Do you consider yourself religious? Or are there other meaning behind this symbolism?

J. :There are multiple levels of perception. I don't think we have ever tried to force any of our own views on the listener but rather offer them a different perspective by which to view the same objects and symbols that fill our everyday lives. I do not follow religion in the classical sense but I do believe we are all searching for something and that in our quest for truth we approach perfection.In the end you decide what is sacred. We are just a mouthpiece for the music.

G.W.: It's really what we've always been about, spirituality, provocation, mysticism. We like developing stories in to our songs. I consider myself religious, yes. The music is geared for anybody though. You can take it anyway you want to. We've deliberatly left things open ended for different interpratiations.

3. What is your favorite album and song of your own work?

J. :Over the years I have become more and more fond of Exile..

G.W.: Exile tends to be the one.

4. What is your favorite or most inspirational group and song of other artists?

J. :The Smith's. How soon is now.

G.W.: Clan of Xymox ' Louise '.

5. What would you like to accomplish with your music? Is it for money, to express yourself or what exactly drives you?

J. :All I have ever wanted to do with music is touch people. There is a very powerful image ingraved in my mind that music is far more than what it seems..It transcends space and time and generas. I can listen to a concerto written a hundred years ago and although I may not see the same visions the original composer did I can feel the core emotion it invokes and in turn gain insight through my own vision. In very real way that composer has circumvented convention and created something nearly eternal. I want to move people in the same way.

G.W: God.

6. What great things can we expect of S&E in the future? I hope a new album is due out soon!

J. :Expect us to continue to be true to the music. We are infact working on a new album as yet untitled.

G.W: There's a new album yes, some remixes have been done of other artists that may see the light of day, there will be more shows.

7. S&E's sound kind of crosses different genres between Electro-goth, synthpop and EBM. Would you like to keep this cross-genre sound? Or do you see yourself eventually being "categorized" into a certain genre of your choice?

J. :As long as we refuse to compremise our selves I could care less how we are catagorized.

G.W.: We'll probably continue to dabble in a little bit of everything. It's harder that way but it remains fun that way to.

8. What advice can you give for a sometimes struggling underground scene (whether you're goth or a synthhead... it seems we're all getting older and finding it hard to get youngblood in the scene, getting club-nights, etc)?

J. :Do not cut off your nose to spite your face. There is nothing wrong with being exclusive or alloof but exclusion to the point of suffocation is entropy and I see it happening everywere. The scene began as a place of acceptence for those who were not accepted elsewhere but it has become a breedinground of insecurity and surperficial callousness. We need to remember why the scene originated.

G.W.: The only advice that comes to mind is, treat people the way you want to be treated and don't judge. No one likes to be the odd man out.

9. Any live shows or tours planned in the future? Possibly passing through Salt Lake City?

G.W.: When the opportunity presents itself ..... ;) We'll be doing a tour at some point in the future. With jobs and such, it's been pretty hard. We do a show every once in a while. We'd like to do more. We really would love to check out Salt Lake at some point to. anyone in this city interested in booking us can contact us at the website referenced below.

10. Anything you want to say to any fans that might read this interview?

J:Thank you for all of your support. Remember to follow your visions.

G.W.: Thanks for all the support, thanks for this interview Jacob. Be sure to check out
www.soilandeclipse.com for future updates.

Website: www.soilandeclipse.com
Label: COP International

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