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Genesis - Review

After being teased with the release of their two previous maxi's, this spanish synthpop band finally release their first full-length album to the world in the form of Genesis.  This group has built on the legacy of past great artists of the 80's as mentioned in the reviews of the two singles, but have added their own touch and manage to pull off a nice sound with it all. This album is presented in the form of ten nice tracks all sung in spanish and if you happen to pick up the special edition you'll get an added bonus with some extra remixes and bonus material.

The album kicks off with a powerful mid-tempo track "Me Parece Mentira" which demonstrates perfectly how the vocals are harmonized and the music is mixed and looped over a moving beat for a nice mix.  As we move on the techno influences are demonstrated a bit more as we immediately dive into the two singles "Nada es Eterno" and "La Mitad".  Both of these pieces live up to what we were presented in the singles and for those that hadn't heard them before should be pleased with the dance-friendly aspects these bring to the album.

Each track has a nice little story to it through the vocals and lyrics making each piece meaningful and enjoyable.  The styles alternate between the mid-tempo classic synthpop style with ballads and melodic vocals taking the forefront and other pieces pumping up the intensity and club feel with pounding beats and throbbing synths.  Pieces like "El Mundo a Tus Pies" and the classic tale of "Annabellee" bring out this mid-tempo style to perfection while "Dime Porque" and "Egoista" jump on the fast-paced beats.  Overall the album comes together nicely with a nice mix of style, themes through the lyrics and musical diversity.

In summary this is a great album that every synthpop lover should pick up.  I think it will especially appeal to those that like their music more upbeat, melodic and if you understand spanish then you'll love it even more.

Rating: 4/5

Nada Es Eterno - Review

After the recently released maxi La Mitad, it was surprising to see this come out so soon, again before the release of the upcoming album Genesis. Unlike the predecessor, this disc only contains just over half the tracks, five in total including the title track "album version", three other remixes and an "exclusive" track as a treat for those that bother to pick this up.

The album version is a nice catchy piece that will have synth fans moving and singing along (possibly whether you understand Spanish or not) as this track picks up the beat and adds the addictive hooks that make it such a club-friendly piece.  Like the previous single, the overall style remains true-to-form of 80's synthpop like Erasure meats moving techno beats.  In true futuristic form the remix by Italian synth artists Syrian pull out all the stops and bring out another excellent club-friendly remix of this already moving piece.  The third remix is simply an "extended" remix, while adding some variations in the beat and overall structure, it really ends up being more of a traditional 80's remix, adding more loops and extending the track out quite a bit.  The final mix is presented by another label mate Rupesh Cartel adding a surprisingly spatialized and futuristic touch with some layered ambient soundscapes and vocal samples which are a translation of the title "nothing is eternal".  In the end all of the remixes are a nice touch and highly commendable as variations for fans to have.

The bonus track is "Por que me niegas" which so far is out of character for this band who really slows things down for a ballad-like piece.  The intensity remains even though the fast-paced dance beat is absent with a number of guitars or guitar-like synths for a nice edge.  With that we wrap up this disc and this review.  Unlike many singles, the remixes and bonus track here are excellent selections that are worth picking this up as a special addition to any synth-lover's collection.

Rating: 4/5

La Mitad - Review

This maxi is the introduction of this group to most of the world except for a few compilation appearances that some people may have possibly picked up. This disc contains eight tracks including the single which will appear on the upcoming album Genesis.  Included are six different mixes of the title track along with two other selections, one of which is exclusive to this disc.

As an introduction to this group this is a nice little single with some interesting remixes.  The "radio edit" is probably just a trimmed down version of what the original album version will be.  This piece is catchy with some great modern electronics and synth loops with a moving beat, smooth tenor vocals in spanish.  The structure including the harmonization of vocals is very reminiscent of Erasure and very early Depeche Mode.

Remixes included begin with the "Sequencia mix" which has a slightly more futuristic, yet softer feeling with the spatialized synths and techno loops thrown in that really bring out that euro-dance scene, even though the remixers of this track hail from Argentina. The "empty-sosofo" mix strips it down yet still brings out a highly techno oriented feeling with vocals pretty much taken out until the end of the piece.  The "Zilog" remix really takes a minimalist approach with monotonous synths filling up most of the track again making the vocals take a back seat to the instrumental tracks.  The "Unknown Driver" remix completely removes the vocals and takes this piece way off base, hardly recognizable to the point that it more or less just becomes another instrumental track.  We're finally brought back to the vein of the original with the "Orchestral End" which puts the focus on the vocals with a few subtle electronics providing the backdrop for what is transformed into a really nice almost acapella rendition.

The two "extra" tracks include "Todo Sigue Igual" which must have appeared somewhere else besides this disc and not on the album, because it's not listed as an exlclusive track but rather as the "2005 version", and "Dudar" is the exclusive piece.  "Todo Sigue Igual" has a real modern techno-synth feeling to it with those same smooth vocals, but with a slightly moodier approach adding some real texture and feeling to it all.  "Dudar" takes on a completely different feeling from anything else on this disc but keeps moving and turns up the intensity a bit, but starts to sound even more like Erasure in the end.

So there you have it, a nice little introduction to what's upcoming from this band.  They have the right mix to please electro-pop fans, especially those that enjoy a little techno mixed in or that 80's synthpop feeling with a bit of "bounce" included.

Rating: 3/5

Label: A Different Drum

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