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Rotersand is the latest project of Rasc (former member of The Fair Sex) and Gun (also involved with The Fair Sex throughout it's history).  This duo decided to form this new project in 2002 combining their own individual styles and talents into this unique and excellent electronic music project.  They were also soon joined by Krischan Wesenberg who was a prominant DJ and producer.  They released their first EP Merging Oceans in the spring of 2003.  After this successful release they released their debut album Truth is Fanatic on Endless Records and licensed to Metropolis Records for release to the North American audience.  This debut immediately took off and launched this project into the spotlight.  It wasn't too much longer when 2005 saw the light of the excellent follow-up album Welcome to Goodbye with the club-anthem "Exterminate, Annihilate, Destroy".  Continuing the pattern of releasing something new every couple of years, we were presented with 1023 and a couple of years later Random Is Resistance that continue portraying their trademark electronic sound.

With these three combining their own talents and styles to this group, we are presented with an excellent mix of unique genres.  There is a touch of 80's which is quite similar to much of Depeche Mode, but then you add modern EBM touches along with trance and techno influences and you have a hugely successful electronic dance-friendly conglomeration.  With each new work we see a slight change or growth in style as they explore new ground and build on the tried and true of the past.

With these albums out, the history of this band begins to take shape and they're already another great project that fans will want to follow.  Many will have seen them at recent live dates performing their spectacular live performance that will not soon be forgotten.  Check out the excellent club-friendly tracks on the Gothic Paradise club mix.  Also keep up-to-date on the latest news and information by jumping over to the band's website.

Random Is Resistance - Review

With the War on Error maxi single released several weeks before this album, it was a mix of emotions as diverse as the music was. It all seemed very random and didn't really come together well, so I was a little skeptical of what this band was doing and what would come about with this album. With the title, I think the band decided to take random to a whole new level on the single, luckily the album isn't quite as random and we have some fairly solid pieces including some new favorites.

Starting out with a style you wouldn't really expect from this electronic based project, "Yes We Care" is a slow, acoustic piece that introduces us to the overall lyrical theme of the album of "big brother", and government control of information and so on. However, it doesn't take long for these somber moods to be left behind as "Bastards Screaming" picks up the pace and brings on the full power of their stomping club anthems. Along the lines of this style we have several new favorites including the pounding beats of "Speak To Me" along with the hit single "War On Error" and finally, a new favorite because of our namesake, "Gothic Paradise". All of these create that perfect electronic dance atmosphere of layered synths and electronic loops forming the foundation over a driving beat that moves the music along perfectly for the backdrop to the solid vocals.

For trance fans there is still plenty of trance-like elements across the board, but pieces that are heavily laiden with these elements include "Waiting To Be Born" which is a slightly somber piece, but the trance loops slowly pick up as the track moves on. "Speak To Me" has already been mentioned as one of the great new dance tracks, but the subtle trance elements give it an extra vibe and volume for a very nice style. "First Time" is one of those pieces that starts out really slow and somber with subtle elements slowly picking up until at the end it's a powerful climax of swooshing synths and electronic loops for another great piece.

With a dozen pieces there's some great variety across this album. The final piece "A Million Worlds To Lose" winds down the album perfectly with a melancholy mix of beautiful electronic strings. With that another great album comes to a close as a classic for this excellent group.

Rating: 4/5

1023 - Review

As an avid fan of this band just from their releases over the last couple of years, I was extremely excited to get this latest album in my hands.  With a band as diverse as this, you never know quite what to expect so it's a real treat to hear so many excellent dance-friendly songs on this album. We're presented with 11 solid electronic tracks that fans will be listening to for years to come with this excellent work.

As with previous albums we get a good taste of all influences from synthpop, EBM, industrial, noise and trance.  The introductory track "1023 intro" is the most "out-of-place" as far as strict genre goes with the slow acoustic guitar and somber vocals and then it fades and builds right into "Rushing" which is bound to be a solid club hit from this album.  This track also introduces some of the "noise" elements that permeate many of the tracks on this disc.  But the overall feel is the solid, heavy synth dance-floor style and the vocals that we can now easily associate with as Rotersand.  "Lost" is another of these club hit tracks with the solid, steady beat and layered synths that fans will love.  This piece really brings out some of the noise elements, but is one of my definite favorites on this album.  Later on we're presented with the emotionally striking piece "I Cry" and again this stands out with it's solid EBM and melodic synthpop flavor that fans will really love.

On the side of the groovy and fun spectrum of things we have the piece laiden with heavy synths in the form of "Rushing".  Not quite "Exterminate Annihilate Destroy", but still with that groove and some nice hooks and definitely a catchy tune.  Somewhat off the beaten path, but still heavy and moving is the anthemic piece "Gods Have Gone Insane".  This piece starts off very somber and slowly builds to a powerful climax and just keeps going through the duration of the track.  For those fans of the intense trance-laiden pieces, there are plenty of pieces here to keep you moving towards the latter half of the album with "Shelter", "Drug" and "I Don't Remember".  Each have a different level of intensity, but each sport that over-the-top electronic looped style going to the end.  It's such that unless I'm really in the mood and in the right place, I have to skip over those pieces as they really do start to wear on the nerves.

This leaves us with the final piece on the album, "Inner World" and it's a nice change with a somber, mid-tempo beat and melodic synths and nice hooks.  It's a great way to wind down after the intensity of the previous pieces and a great way to wrap up the album.  With that said, it's a great work and fans should really enjoy it.  Because of the diversity, it's probably not perfect to everyone, but at the same time I think it appeals to a broad range of tastes.

Rating: 4/5

Welcome to Goodbye - Review

With every good debut, fans promptly look forward to a follow-up album from a band as promising as Rotersand. European fans were listening to the new single "Exterminate Annihilate Destroy" some months before this album came out, and so were treated with some of the great new work this band has been up to.  Now we have this full-length disc presenting thirteen dynamic and powerful tracks we can enjoy that follow closely along the style, tempo and magnitude of the excellent debut.

The album is kicked off with the title track which is a subtle, slow-moving track with plenty of slow synths and smooth vocals.  This fades right into "dare to live" which is more of a trance-like piece.  This seems to be more prominent on this album than the debut and depending on the leanings of the fans can be a positive or negative impact on the overall album.  I tend to enjoy more melodic, full tracks without a lot of repetative trance-like influences, so while this particular track is a potential club-filler, alone it begins to wear on the listener in other settings.  Others that really delve into this style include "storm" which just goes overboard with noise and layers.

Favorites of mine definitely include the hit single from this album "Exterminate Annihilate Destroy" with a solid "Dr. Who" feel to it with powerful pounding beats, grinding bass and synths.  Everything about this track is very appealing on and off the dancefloor.  From the really catchy beat to the melodic and powerful vocals as well as the robotic samples scattered throughout.  This track really stands out on this album as unique in this style and it's power.  This isn't the only really great track on the album though, in fact it's really packed with great material.  I really enjoy "almost wasted" and "all in all" both with a slow and delicate start building up to powerful anthem-like tracks.  Then there are the obvious club tracks "the last ship pt. 1" and "undone" which follow something of a standard synth/ebm style.

The dynamic nature of the album comes out with the inclusion of the trippy almost electro-clash track "would you buy this?" with plenty of samples making up the vocal parts.  Others are slow and downbeat like the introductory title track which provide once more a nice break from the driving club beats.

Once again the band proves they can move on and continue to produce great music.  While maybe not as powerful as their debut, the album sports some great diversity and quality music.

Rating: 4/5

Truth is Fanatic - Review

As a debut album, it's always fun to listen and hear something new.  This was definitely the case with this album as I listened to it in it's entirety I was very impressed.  There is definitely something here that many people will enjoy. The solid synth-lines will please electro and synthpop fans around the world.  The trance and techno influences should keep dance clubs moving all over.  And the EBM styles will please those rivetheads that love the more danceable electro-industrial sounds.

Each time I listen to the album, each song grows on me more and more.  "Truth is Fanatic" starts off the album with the slight techno and trance influences as the beats give way to dreamy synths that build and fade.  The inclusion of the solid vocals is what should really please synth and EBM fans which really keeps the music interesting.  Many tracks follow this formula of pounding beats fading out and giving way to swooshy synths that build and fade.  "Content Killer" is a good example of this dance-friendly style that goes through these transitions.

"Almost Violent" really brings out the 80's electro influences and styles.  The lyrics and musical approach is what really reminds of this musical era, so solid and moving, interesting and fun all at once.  The real treat for me has been "Electronic World Transmission", both the original version and the remix.  The remix is especially noteworthy, "reconstructed by [:SITD:]".  The intensity really comes out as is typical for [:SITD:] and so this was a perfect track for them to remix and present.  The solid pounding beat coupled with the stronger pulsating synths really emphasize what a great track this is.

Like many other synth artists, this band shows they can show a lot of variety and present some nice ballads as well as the powerful dance-floor friendly tunes.  "Hush" winds down the album before the smashing "Electronic World Transmission" remix.  The smooth vocals with the acoustic guitar and dreamy feeling is a nice touch for this band.  "Move On" also drifts off into a down-tempo track, but remains quite electronic based with pulsing synths and various electro elements.

Fourteen tracks spanning 74 minutes, this is a real treat for electronic music fans.  I highly recommend it for EBM and synth fans alike to pick it up and enjoy.

Rating: 4.5/5

Website: www.rotersand.net
Label: Metropolis Records

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