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Kindred Spirit - Review

For this sophomore album from Peter Alaric DeSimone, also known as The Right Hand, we're offered a free album download that should garner new fans and old fans will surely appreciate. This album finds the artist at a different point in his life and creatively the music is a bit more uplifting and eclectic, ranging from roots in blues, ethereal, classical, rock and so on. Spanning thirteen tracks we get a good taste of this talented songwriter and musician.

In my last review the reader will remember the praises heaped on the male & female duet of the heart-breaking beauty of "Little You". It seems Peter took these comments to heart and includes two spell-binding duets to start the album off in pure beauty. This time he has the help of vocalist Danielle Fernandez as his muse on these pieces. We start with "The Ever-Living Flame" with it's somber moods of electric guitar and bass over subtle percussion as Danielle and Peter take turns on vocals. "What I Could Never Say" is one of the moodier pieces, though the music remains somewhat upbeat, the lyrics and vocals bring out the raw emotion that are enhanced by the duet. However, as the album moves on, it's not all about the addition of the female vocals that make this a great album. In much the same style and mood we're presented with another stellar piece in "Deena May" with only Peter on vocals. The guitar that starts off the piece is sweet and gives a great introduction to this more upbeat and moving piece. Tough it's moving percussion moves the rhythm along nicely, it has some good breaks that bring out that extra raw emotion and same guitar for an overall stellar piece.

At this point the mood and tempo changes and the rest of the album remains pretty much downtempo and classical with the exception of "Beauty Defined". At first listen I was turned off by the inclusion of elements of country music, but with immediate feedback to Peter, he presented me with a "Funky Blues" mix which was a lot better, but with that I was able to put aside my distaste for one genre of music to be able to hear and enjoy the lyrics and vocals as they should be. "Passing Ships" has much the same style, somber blues, a bit more of a moving rhythm though very subtle. Much of the rest of the album contains mainly classical pieces where lyrics are added to the music of Bach, Chopin and Schubert. As the finale to the core of the album (excluding the remixes), he presents one of these classical masterpieces with "Farewell Song" and the music of Chopin as the accompaniment.

With that we're left with a couple of remixes that while they break up the overall style of the album a bit, are nice but don't necessarily fit the moods and style of the rest of the album. The "ejayerik mix" lends a techno touch to it that remains fairly somber and so can still be enjoyed in one sitting with the rest of the album. The "GLaDOS mix" of "Savior" remains fairly true to the original piece with the addition of vocoded vocals. With this piece the album wraps up on a slow, relaxing note for a nice finale to the album.

Rating: 4/5

Fate, My Enemy - Review

This project is the solo work of classically trained musician Pater Alaric DeSimone. Formed in 2001 he has been working on putting together a mix of moody blues and gothic-oriented music for a while now. The results of this work is this debut album which presents with a dozen of these moody tracks reminiscent of the darker and moodier works of Nick Cave.

As I sat down and listened to this album a dozen or more times, I was very pleased to have something of along this style that would otherwise be classified in the dream-pop and heavenly voices genres, except that we have an excellent tenor voice which is unique and a great touch for this music. The title track "Fate, My Enemy" is a subtle trip-hop piece with an excellent piano line as a foundation for the haunting male vocals. Once passed this introductory track it's really hard not to draw comparisons to the more subtler tracks from Nick Cave as previously mentioned. Pieces like "Can't Escape" that have a little more of a blues or folk-rock feel really bring these similarities out. The album moves along mostly in this mid to slow-tempo beat with subtle percussion and various synths, piano and guitar.

The album as a whole is a nice cohesive work bringing out deep feelings and emotions through each piece. There are some real favorites that stand out above the rest. Some pieces have subtle elements that are really nice and capture the listener through these excellent mixes. "Kingdom by the Sea" is a piece that was easily recognizable and well done with the many gothi-oriented bands that have done different renditions of this piece, otherwise known as "Annabell Lee". However, it's at the finale of the album that I became sold and completely captivated with the stunning piece "Little You" by Camilla Stenmark. The second I heard this piece I knew I was hooked and have had it on repeat on various occasions after listening to the full album. It features guest female vocals for a beautiful duet (again similar to some of the excellent Nick Cave ballads). This ballad is absolutely beautiful, haunting, captivating and about a dozen other adjectives that I could add here. If the entire album were full of pieces like this, it would be a perfect work that I would have a hard time ever removing from my cd player. Well done indeed!

Rating: 4/5

Website: www.righthand.us
Label: The Fossil Dungeon

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