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Purity & Perversion - Review

It's great to get some new music from this band even if it is in the form of this short five-track EP. Purity & Perversion With this release we're greeted with the driving gothic rock sound that we've been enjoying from this band for the last several years. The driving beats and grinding guitars remain the foundation as Edward's vocals are backed by the softer female touch from Alixandrea.

The album kicks off hard and fast with "Mythos" and we're greeted with much of the sound and style we're familiar with from this group. As we move along we hit a new favorite with "Amaranthine". The way the guitars really sing on this track are a really nice touch while the moving beat and backing, grinding guitars provide excellent depth and tempo to this piece. All of these elements combined with the melodic nature of this piece with the duet of male and female vocals on the chorus create a memorable and catchy selection. "Shimmer" breaks up the tempo and mood a bit, while still a good piece, it just feels out of place amongst the melodic and moving tracks that make up the rest of the EP. We're right back into this great combination of melodic and driving rock with "Daylight". We bring this short EP to a close with the emotionally charged "A Moment Today". This piece also creates a shift in mood and tempo with the thoughtful lyrics portrayed by Edward's smooth vocals. The somewhat bombastic, yet mid-tempo percussion create a nice, solid foundation for this piece with the subtle electronics giving a soft, symphonic touch, giving the music a silky, smooth feel, allowing the emotion to flow with the music.

This is a great set of songs, nearly all of which are new instant favorites for us here at Gothic Paradise. They make a great addition to our collection and the airwaves of our radio shows, featuring great music our readers and listeners will love.

Anywhere EP - Review

Hot on the heals of their latest album, we have this stellar single as a nice addition to our growing gothic rock catalog. Anywhere This nice little extra four-track EP features the hit title track along with two excellent "b-side" pieces. The production and composition of these extra pieces are excellent, making it well worth picking up in addition to the album.

"Anywhere" was definitely a favorite from Open The Sky featuring all of the perfect elements that make up a great gothic rock track. The "Cinzano Mix" is mainly an extended 12" remix like you might here on a club mix, extending the length, featuring some loops and just making it a nice addition to the EP. The bonus material however is the real jewel on this disc. "Timeless and Elegant" is easily another favorite and all-around stellar piece. The duet of male and female vocals stand out strong against the moving, soaring guitars and driving beats. For a b-side, this could easily be a hit single in and of itself. As the antithesis of "Anywhere", we have "Nowhere" a mid-tempo and scaled back piece that while it's not entirely driving like the other pieces, it's still solid, brooding and dripping with emotion. Mya's vocals take more of a backing role which works perfectly on this piece with the moodier style.

That's about all there is to say, too bad it's so short because what's there is great. Be sure to check it out, pretty much all tracks can be heard on the Club Mix radio show.

Rating: 4.5/5

Open The Sky - Review

This band has been going for a while and have releases and demos dated back to 2002. They are formed by the quartet of Mya (vocals), Edward (Vocals / Bass), Ian (Guitar / Vocals) and Rob (Guitar). Open The Sky This album marks their fourth full-length release, and is presented in a beautiful 6 panel digipack. The disc is packed with ten hard-hitting, fast-driving gothic rock tracks that will have any batcave dwelling gothling drooling over this great style of music.

From the moment I started listening to this album I was smitten with the solid gothic rock style of driving guitars, a heavy, solid bass, a fast, heavy beat and a mix of deep male vocals and siren-like female vocals. For reference, readers can think of the best of classic gothic bands throughout the early 90's when the genre seems to have hit it's peak. Today it's very hard to find a true gothic rock band and so when I hear something like this, it is a true jewel.

I'll quickly touch on highlights of this album, which actually ends up being nearly every track, but even so, there are a few that really stand out. From the very beginning we're presented with one solid piece after another with "Lightning Strikes Twice" kicking it all off. Featuring all of the classic gothic rock elements described above packaged together in this track. Mya's vocals lure the listener in hauntingly calling while the male vocals keep the listener grounded and the beat... the beat is fast and heavy. This beat keeps the heart pumping and the body moving across this stellar piece as well as the catchy "4472", the equally mesmerizing title track "Open The Sky" and later on the touching track "Almost Everything". It's amazing how all of these tracks come together so well, they're all different, different melodies, lyrics, somewhat in the vocal structure, a little variety in musical composition and instruments, yet grounded deep in the heavy gothic rock roots.

The second half of the album is nearly equally stunning and is naturally divided by the mostly acoustic piece "Denied" in which Mya takes the lead as the music gradually builds to finally be presented has a heavy gothic rock ballad. With that the album moves on again at it's hard, heavy and fast pace. "Leave You To Burn" introduces a bit more variety as it starts off slowly and gradually builds into a driving piece. "Anywhere" has quickly become a favorite with it's prominent bass drum and heavy bass guitar, two things that seem to be key ingredients to a solid gothic rock track, along with the soaring guitars and emotion-filled vocals. This and many other pieces drip with this emotion and brooding, though the rhythm moves fast enough it doesn't give the listener time to brood, but rather injects the mood with a shot of adrenaline. After this album wraps up with yet another excellent goth ballad, mixing the duet of male and female vocals well while the music and pace slow down to let the brooding, heavy moods to finally take over, which creates a perfect ending for this album. It cannot be missed by any gothic rock fan.

Rating: 4.5/5

Website: www.rhombus.org.uk

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