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Growing out of the ashes of the Gothic Rock years of the early 90’s, Redemption was formed soon after in 1996.  Currently consisting of the band members Miah (vocals, guitars, programming), Erik (bass) and Ashe (guitar, backing vocals), this trio is slowly following their dream of releasing the music that has been an influence for so many years that is seeming to fade into the background.  After a number of local performances under their belt, they released their first EP titled The Further We Fall.  With the release of this EP we were introduced to what this group had been working on over the years.  Just a short time later the band put together their debut full-length album Home featuring eight stunning gothic rock influenced tracks.  The band continues to improve and hopefully we're just catching more of a taste of what we can hope for in the future.

When talking about musical styles, it’s easy to think of the popular groups in any one genre to be able to explain a type of music to someone.  With this group, it is evident that we are venturing into a world of Gothic Rock with solid guitar-driving music with deep vocals and just enough synths to give the feeling of a small orchestra playing with the band.  This brings the listener into that gothic arena that we grew to love so much in the late 80’s and early 90’s and Cleopatra Records released more than lame tribute compilations and everyone wanted to be the next Sisters of MercyRedemption redeems the name of Gothic Rock from the ashes and brings it to light for fans to grab onto and enjoy.

Check out their homepage for samples and more information.  You’ll also be able to hear selections on Gothic Paradise radio.

Home - Review

Here is a special treat that gothic rock fans are going to love.  Being a local act to our scene, I have been hearing about the release of this album for some time now. Due to the style of the group and hearing a lot of the progress of the band, it was with much anticipation that I awaited the release of this work.  It's finally out and available to the public in the form of a nicely done short album, professionally printed and released, although still self-released by the band.

Just comparing the two works from this band, if you enjoyed the first, then you'll love this second, longer work.  If you can divine the content of a package by its cover, then the cover of this album reveals the further work and production over their previous EP.  Containing eight excellent tracks with great production and sound, this is truly the album we've been waiting for.

The instant hit and destined club classic kicks off the album in solid style and dark fashion.  After a short intro of synths and building to driving beats, the crushing guitars kick in and we're left with over seven minutes of "Times Like These".  This track is put together so well, the vocals are smooth and build to intense rock proportions while the crunching guitars and bass move on in a steady wave as various electronics provide a backdrop like a scenic sunset at the end of the long and winding road on the horizon.

Just within the notes of this first masterpiece we have a well-defined architecture that speaks volumes about the entire album.  Overall the gothic rock structure dominates the inner threads of this work.  There is enough variety to keep the average listener interested and attentive throughout the entire work.  Many have something of a slower introduction that build in intensity and the tempo catches hold through dynamic driving beats such as in the introductory work, or even the more dynamic piece "Disillusion".  This latter work starts with a lot of electronics and a slowly building beat dominated with angst-ridden deep vocals slowly moving along until everything kicks in together to accelerate and build to a bombastic climax.  Another stellar track and favorite of mine somewhat along these lines of starting small and building is the title track "Home".  Much like "Times Like These", the intensity continues to build for a beautiful gem.

Solid ballad-like anthems also make themselves apparent on this album in the form of "Absolution", "Pulse" and the finale to the album "Doubt and Circumstance".  Each features a more subdued pace while maintaining that same high intensity through layers of guitars, electronics, percussion and raw emotion.  Nearing the end of the album as the penultimate track is "Your Arms" which after a short intro carries the intensity through to the very last note.  This sets the album up perfectly for the finale mentioned above to wrap up the album nicely.

While the work is short, not totally an entire album and featuring eight tracks, it's something that fans can really sink their teeth into.  There are a lot of comparisons to gothic rock greats of the 90's, but this band really has a solid style with unique elements of their own they can build on.  This album shows the progression and dynamic nature we can enjoy and hope for more of the same in the future.

Rating: 4.5/5

The Further We Fall – Review

As soon as I heard about the release of this EP, I was intrigued because I knew of the great influences this band has.  It seems they have been true to form and brought to our ears the sweet and almost forgotten sound of good Gothic Rock.  The emotional flare blended with guitars and a solid beat move perfectly from song to song using themes of love, life and everything that makes us human and emotional beings.

“Judgement Day” kicks it all off with a downtempo track of brooding vocals and melodies.  The deep vocals flow with emotion and feelings comparable to the angst-ridden moods of Clan of Xymox.  “No Revelation” picks up the pace with a solid rock beat as we’re moved physically and emotionally with the soaring music.  Each track ebbs and flows in and out of the driving beats and melodic music.  With only six tracks we’re only given a small taste of the music that is sometimes moving and sometimes less driving and more on the thoughtful and ballad-like styles.  “Point of no Return” continues with the driving beats and moving guitars.  But it’s not all about driving rock music, every Goth has a soft and emotional side and we delve into that with the slow and brooding track “Stealing Your Breath”.  This almost becomes a rock anthem in the gothic mood and style.  The EP winds down by picking up the beat again on the last couple of tracks with the pounding beats thumping in the listener’s ears after the music stops.  “A Trick of the Light” and “Oblivion” bring out the Gothic Rock sensation as much as any of the great tracks from Rosetta Stone or The Wake.

When comparing to some of the great artist named here, it’s easy to see where this band gets their influence and for fans longing for more of this great music, this is a wonderful release.  As a first EP, the music, vocals and theme all go well together and the production is done quite well.  Some of the deep vocals during the slower parts seem a little stressed and unnatural, but I’ve detected that even in many of the similar tracks by Sisters of Mercy, so nobody can find a big fault in that.  Maybe it just comes with the territory of this music.  At any rate, this is a very nice EP that I would recommend to anyone longing for a good Gothic Rock flavor.

Rating: 3.5/5

Interview – Nov. 14, 2003

GP: I'll start by asking a fairly typical question, but one that everyone is bound to ask anyways.  What is behind the name Redemption?

Redemption: Redemption is a powerful word, first off. When I was looking to name the band, I wanted to find a word or a phrase that was not only powerful but that could be interpreted differently by everyone. I wanted a name that people could read whatever they wanted to into it. The word redemption means something different to everyone. The story behind how the band got its name is really simple actually. I saw the word in print in a magazine one day when the search for a name was on, tossed it around in my head for a moment and made the decision right then that it was what I was looking for.

GP: Is there some theme or message that the name and subsequently your music is trying to portray?

Redemption: Nothing specific. Redemption as a project began and is still an outlet and a reason to play and produce the kind of music that I like to hear. Every song I write has a different theme because they are all about different experiences. Even if some songs are similar in theme, the feelings behind them are always different. Like I said earlier, I would like everyone to be able to take away what they want from my songs and lyrics.

GP: I notice a lot of influence from the Sisters of Mercy, would you say this is where you get a lot of inspiration from?

Redemption: Influence yes, inspiration not so much. My life and personal experiences are my inspiration. It's hard to say that any band inspires me. Working in music for so long and meeting and talking to so many bands has given me a kind of different outlook on bands then most people have. I understand that every band is someone's vision and brainchild. I respect when people are able to get their vision out and are able to reach a great many people. But in the end, they are still just people in my same situation, just successful to a greater or lesser degree.

GP: A lot of Goths might give you flack for such a reference, they set such a standard that so many tried to mimic, but that is now almost condemned because of their self-proclaimed removal from the gothic scene, how does this affect you when you're writing your lyrics and music?

Redemption: Like I said before, I write music the way I do because it's the kind of music that I like to hear. If I can't listen to a song that I write and find value in it, then how can I expect anyone else to enjoy it? You have to eventually ask yourself who you are writing music for, and if you aren't at least partially writing for yourself I think it would be very easy to lose sight and interest. I make no excuses for the way I write because I would write songs this way even if no one else ever heard them. This music is the sort of music that I grew up listening to and that I based my standards around. I learned to play the guitar and how to sing by listening to it. It seems sort of silly to think that none of its influence would seep into the way I write.

GP: Building more on the last question and topic, there seem to be less and less groups trying to produce a solid Gothic Rock sound.  Many have gone back to the Death Rock and Post-Punk styles or have gone on to the popular EBM/Techno styles.  Why did you choose this direction?

Redemption: It's just because of the lack of bands producing this kind of music that drives this project. The fact that there is a lack of Gothic rock bands in the underground is why I think it's so important that we put our music out there. I think that a lot of people have been starved for this kind of stuff for a long time. Besides, if no one else is going to be producing this kind of music for me to enjoy, then we might as well do it for ourselves, right?

GP: You've just self-released your first album, how does that feel after all of these years?

Redemption: It's a great relief to get that behind us. We have tried to get this going so many times and have been hung up by something or another. It's a good feeling to just have it out there. The recording process is difficult in the fact that its really easy to get stuck trying to do better. So now that it's finally done and out, we can go on to record more and proceed to the next release.

GP: How do you feel about the material you chose for your album?  Is there one that stands out as a particular highlight or in some other way?

Redemption: All the songs on the further we fall are equally dear to me because they all represent a different point or experience in my life. A great deal of thought and emotion went into the production of each one of them. I think that it's important for every track on a release to have its own life and personality. I am very proud of the CD as a project and am looking forward to recording further releases.

GP: What's your opinion on the current Gothic music scene and how do you think we can make it better in general?

Redemption: It seems to me that the scene is undergoing transitional period, as it is apt to do from time to time. I feel like there is something about to break out and become something big. The scene itself is something that never goes away, it just changes like everything else. A band or a movement becomes popular and suddenly everyone is exited and there are more and more new faces. Eventually, the trend fades out. People stop coming to clubs and buying CDs. Then it happens all over again. I have witnessed it many times. We here in Utah seem to somehow be able to hold on to classics while still being able to embrace the new blood. I think that the scene worldwide would do well to remember why they liked this music in the first place instead of just following whatever trend or band is hot at the time. There is a lot of talent out there. I would encourage every one to get out more often, see every band that you can. You never know who will be the next big thing.

GP: What direction do you see Redemption heading in the near future?

Redemption: We are currently looking into booking several out of state shows as well as setting up CD release parties in other cities. I would like to see Redemption become better known nationally and internationally. At home we are working on new material and booking as many gigs as we can. We love to play out live and can't wait to debut all the new stuff.

GP: Are you going to try and pursue getting signed to a well-known label in our scene for future releases or re-releasing your debut?

Redemption: I am interested in label support and would be happy to have the distribution. There are so many labels out there I think it would come down to finding the right contract for us. It's really difficult to tell what would be best in the long run. Right now I would just be happy selling more CDs and getting the music out there.

GP: Anything else you would like to add?

Redemption: Yep don’t forget to visit our website at www.redemptiononline.com for pictures news and merchandise.
You can also hear our music on mp3.com by clicking on the mp3 link at the site or searching for Redemption slc.

Website: www.redemptiononline.com

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