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Nilaihah Records was officially started in 1999 by Kristy Venrick of The Azoic in order to release the second album and to release the third album by Oneiroid Psychosis.  The name (pronounced nil-EYE-ah) comes from the name of a fallen angel who wrote poetry.  It was intended to be a temporary name, but with time has never been changed.

The label focuses on releasing excellent electronic and industrial-oriented dance music.  The label signed several promising bands, and probably one of the most enjoyable is her own band, The Azoic.  Others included in their discography include Dissonance, Fiction 8 and Null Device.  Just in the few years the label has been around, it already has a pretty impressive discography by these and other bands.  They are all definitely worth checking out!

Watch this space for more news and reviews of compilations and other material released by this label.  You can catch many of the signed artists on Gothic Paradise Radio, so be sure to check them all out.

Fourplay - Review

Nilaihah presents four excellent maxi-singles in this format that is becoming more and more popular with different labels as they realize that few besides the ultimate fanatic or DJ like to pick up a disc with only 2 to 5 tracks on it. I've always been quite critical of these types of singles, mostly seeing them as a waste of money with very rare exceptions as they usually contain just sub-standard remixes of tracks you can find on albums you've already, or will spend money on.  So this format is an excellent method to still release singels with the alternate remixes for DJ's and fans to enjoy, yet make it more attractive to those of us that like getting a full album for our money.  Definite kudos goes out to the label and these bands for this disc, with four bands featured and four tracks each, a 16-track album is a nice deal.

We'll start with XP8 and their four pieces, of which all original versions have previously been released, so here we just have four alternate remixes of "Dreamt of Blue", "Cuttin' n' Drinkin'", "Bleed and Shout" and "Muv Your Dolly".  Each remix remains true to the trance / disco / EBM crossover style with the exception of "Bleed and Shout" which really puts on the house club mix style.  Of the four "Dreamt of Blue" is a favorite, though I probably would have picked one of their other tracks to include.

The favorite part of this album is the introduction of a new group Ghost & Writer composed of Jean-Marc Lederman and Frank Spinnath of Seabound lending his vocals and lyrics.  We're presented with two new tracks "From Hell" and "Hitman" along with a an alternate remix of each piece.  Both of these tracks are excellent synth / EBM pieces that I think fans will really enjoy.  Leaving behind the experimentation and just writing some great music, these pieces are the making of new standards in the scene.  Each remix is also very commendable as we're presented with the Iris remix of "From Hell" in their solid style that I grow to respect more and more each time I listen to their music.  The remix of "Hitman" is presented by File Not Found and once again remains true to the original while still presenting it in their own unique style.

Since it wasn't too terribly long ago that we were presented with the new album from GASR it's nice to have the single "Heavy" presented here on this disc.  The good thing is that this is a great track from their album with their solid, moving electronic style and inclusion of melodic vocals during the chorus mixed with the subdued, somewhat distorted vocals during each verse.  We're also presented with a bonus track "Digital" which is a nice touch, again something you can really expect and if you're familiar with the band, just imagine what it sounds like as it's fairly standard.  The bad part is that instead of another bonus or remix of this bonus, we have two other remixes of "Heavy".  One alternate remix is OK on one disc, but two pushes it a bit far as all are fairly similar, so you do start to get the feeling you're listening to the same song over and over again.

Interface presents us with their single "Escape" as the final four tracks to the disc, although the piece that's actually remixed twice is "Stranger in a Strage Land" which is easily a favorite from their latest album.  This piece has a solid and heavy beat and one of the most melodic vocal lines of the album as well.  Both remixes presented are very well done, just different enough to keep the listener's attention, but similar enough to stay true to the original.  "Escape" is presented with the "Momentum Mix" which is an excellent driving rendition of this track with a lot of layered synths and a driving, very dance-friendly beat.  I really enjoy what we're presented from this group because instead of just another remix of tracks already presented we get a remix of "Doubts and Fears" which is another favorite from their album although the remix does sound a little "pop" with cheesey vocoded vocals.  However, the "bonus" doesn't stop there as this track goes on for another five minutes and we're presented with a remix of "Beyond Human" by "Y-Luk-O", the winner of the remix contest.

So there you go... another great disc full of heavy-hitting, dance-friendly electronic music from these four bands.  It's a great format and a great way to get to know each group, all of which I recommend you pick up their albums as they're available.

Rating: 4/5

Website: www.nilaihah.com

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