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Napalm Records is a label based in Austria with a USA branch in Brementon, Washington. Started by Markus Riedler in 1992 in Austria, the first release was by the Austrian Death Metal heroes, Where The Blood Forever Rains. Over these past years they have released over 100 records with the most successful being: Tristania, Summoning, The Sins of thy Beloved, Abigor, Siebenburgen, Vintersorg and many more.

In Austria, Napalm Records is the leading Mailorder company with over 10,000 customers and worldwide over 25,000. You can also find Napalm Records releases under the following label names: Draenor Productions, Black Rose Productions and Norse League Productions.

In 1999 they started their American based office in Brementon, Washington with label manager Odin Thompson (known for his years of work with the underground metal label Moribound Records).

This excellent label does a lot to sign the darker, harder edged underground music. Most of the groups signed under this label lean more towards the Dark Metal and Gothic Metal genres, but I have been very pleased with some of their Darkwave and Ethereal Gothic acts they've signed over the years.

Some of my favorites that I've heard from this label are:

Die Verbannten Kinder Eva's (see my review on this site)
Ice Ages
... to name a few.

These people are always busy with promotions on their web site, spotlighting artists and always have excellent news and information about the latest happenings. I'm very impressed with how up-to-date they are with their news and releases. Also, something I haven't been very lucky at, is each month they have an "album of the month" to give away to a few lucky winners that can answer their sometimes very tricky questions.

I think that we can plan on them always signing more of these excellent artists. The are the people that really use their imagination and their creativity in their music. Anytime you listen to something by one of these groups you are never bored and the pictures I've seen give you the impression that they are very involved and love making the music they do.

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