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Mr Kitty This project is the brainchild of solo artist Forrest Avery Carney. The project goes back pre-dating the first release in 2011. Since then he has released a new album each year packed with great music. As of 2017 the sixth album was released marking a great milestone in the band's history. Throughout all of these years and while creating this excellent music and releasing new albums year after year and in spite of all that he still finds time to play live shows. He has toured with the likes of IAMX and others and continues to play live in support of the latest releases.

Almost immediately after appearing on the pages and airwaves of Gothic Paradise the fans have shown great interest and the music has become a definite favorite here. Including several tracks that have graced our weekly top 10 playlists and positive feedback from listeners, this project has been a great addition here. From the first moment the listener hears the style of somber, melancholy yet melodic synthpop, they're hooked and that's definitely been the case here. Featuring reviews and selections from most of his discography here with more to come in the future, listeners and readers have plenty to enjoy from this band. We look forward to more great things to come.

A.I. - Review

We didn't have to wait long for this young, talented artist to make up for the previously released EP with this great new full-length album. A.I. In fact, we're presented with no less than fifteen all new selections on this great album. Once again he continues to mature and present a really nice style of upbeat and melodic, yet somber and moody synthpop for fans ranging from the dance-friendly club tracks to those that just put the listener into a pensive mood while enjoying a great electronic masterpiece.

While this entire album is full of great music, I was immediately entranced by a few favorites that have quickly become favorites with our listeners on our radio show. It's no surprise to have them sitting at #1 on our top 10 for multiple weeks with their catchy rhythms and dreamy heart-wrenching beauty. After a short intro with "I...", we're launched right into the upbeat rhythms of the melodic synthpop with "Undo". However, one of the absolute favorites from this album follows immediately with "Habits" featuring the dreamy background vocals of Pastel Ghost. The addition of these dreamy angelic vocals provide a really nice touch to this track. While all the vocals are heavily processed as is often the norm with this project, they almost become an instrument in and of themselves, providing a sort of ethereal beauty to the overall selection. The excellent dreamy, fast-paced music continues with "Forget" that once again brings together the elements that hold the listener in a sort of otherworldly trance.

The album moves along like this with few exceptions, while overall remaining fairly homogenous yet still allowing several pieces to really stand out. We see certain aspects and elements come out and break the mold a bit about halfway through the album while never detracting from the overall collection. The intensity on some of these tracks breaks new barriers, mainly with the inclusion of more intense synths while breaking out of the dreamy, ethereal web that so many tracks create. For me I actually enjoy remaining in this somber ethereal state and so those pieces stand out and grab my attention a bit more. "Earthstones" is one of those that creates a heavy, pulsating rhythm, yet the vocals and layers of various loops create that dreamy web of somber moods and dreamy soundscapes. As the album starts to near it's end we're graced with another absolutely fantastic piece with "Dream Diver" featuring the vocaloid Megurine Luka which again blows me away with the angelic vocal qualities added to this otherwise already spectacular track. The synths are powerful and moving with heavy pulsating loops creating a driving and powerful rhythm. This gem will definitely be a favorite for many years to come.

After a couple of diverse tracks we're presented with the final two selections which make for a perfect finale to the album and another couple of favorites. "Greater Than Us" brings out that dreamy, hypnotic mix of spellbinding, heavily layered synths coupled with melodic vocals over a heavy, driving beat. The album comes to a close with the catchy, yet somber and darker tune "I Hope You Fall Apart". The vocals are less processed than usual, allowing the starker contrast of the heavy moods to really come out and create a solumn and somber atmosphere that is palpable with the pulsating electronics and pounding beats. This creates a perfect ending to another great album. While maybe not perfection throughout, there's great diversity, but all of it is worth it for the favorites that are included.

Rating: 4.5/5

-+ EP - Review

As if right on queue as I raved about how his releases are always packed with plenty of great music, he throws this short four-track EP at us. -+ EP Maybe it was just to get something fresh into the hands of his fans since it was about time, but maybe not quite ready for a full-length. Whatever the case may be, these four tracks are absolutely stunning. They feature all of the elements that make this project one of our definnite favorites here on Gothic Paradise. The only major flaw is that it is so short with just the four selections!

Every track is a favorite on this EP. It's not often I can say that and not often I will include every track on constant rotation on our radio show, but in this case we have a definite exception. The pulsating synths ebb and flow over the melodic soundscapes with mostly distant, processed vocals as the dance-friendly beat keeps the body moving. The melancholy and somber moods permeate the music, lyrics and vocals, that while all remain upbeat and moving, really provide an excellent atmosphere. From the very beginning "Hurt" kicks it off with melodic synths and those distant vocals over a heavy hitting beat. The heavy beats continue on "Let Go" and really dive deep into the darker atmospheres and sullen moods with the heart-breaking vocals and lyrics. "In Loving Memory" brings out the solid synth lines more before the onslaught of the heavy pulsating bass and heavily vocoded and processed vocals. And this brings us to the closing piece that lifts us out of the gloom and leaves us with a spark of hope with the appropriately titled track "Everything Will Be Okay". While the music in and of itself is captivating and mesmerizing with it's fast-paced beat and melodic synths, the hopeful tone of it all is a perfect ending to this somber, yet beautiful and catchy EP.

Once again, this is an incredible selection of four tracks. I wish there were more, but for now it will have to do.

Rating: 5/5

Fragments - Review

With a release coming out each year, we know we don't have to wait long for great quality music. Fragments The nice thing is that each album isn't just a short EP with teasers and remixes, but each one is presented with at least ten great tracks. This latest album is no exception with ten more melodic, melancholy yet moving synthpop tracks.

Kicking off the intense moods and pulsating rhythms mixed with dance-friendly beats right from the start is "Hell". The heavy synthesized strings lay the foundation for this harsher, broken piece that sets the mood and introduces the album's dynamic nature. This drifts off to the somber, melodic piece "Mother" which features a little more flowing rhythms and the softer vocals. This leads us to a definite new favorite from this band and highlight on the album in "Entwine". The pulsating synths come out strong at the start and gradually mix and flow with the somber moods and give way to a more flowing rhythm through the chorus. This mix creates a pulsating composition that drips with emotion and intensity though the music itself is simple and flowing. "Shanghai" follows closely after picking up the intensity and pace with driving synths and layers of pulsating electronics over heavier percussion create a definite club-friendly hit. Wrapping up the first half of the album, the driving beats and fast-paced rhythms continue over the softer, more somber moods, vocals and synths on "I Lost You".

As the album progresses we're treated with this same formula, though each track stands on it's own easily. The homogenous feel of each piece makes it so that you can pick just about any one and it's a stellar piece, yet the diversity and unique signature of each selection allows the listener to pick up favorites and pick out elements that stand out amongst the rest. There are definite patterns in each piece whether it's the somber moods on "Discolored" over a subtle, yet moving beat or next as we revisit some of the classic synthpop styles appearing in "In Your Blood". The heavy, pulsating synths are definite a favorite element that serves as a common thread that runs through many pieces. However, the melodic and soft vocals that are almost a dream or a whisp on the wind of layers of pulsating and looped synths create the definitive moods and trade mark sound and style that we enjoy so much across each piece, show-cased perfectly in "Flowers For Boy". "Cycle of Violence" brings the oppressively bleak elements together over dark and brooding moods of pounding, heavy percussion and equally heavy synths. This sets the stage for the lighter fare presented on the excellent finale to the album "Spirt of the Forest". The soft, melodic, whispy vocals caress the listener as we drift off with the heavy, driving rhythms and pulsating electronics. This brings together all the favorite elements from this project into one track for a great way to wrap up another excellent album.

Rating: 4.5/5

Time - Review

Hot on the heals of his previous release, we already have the latest great work from this talented artist. Mr Kitty - Time Building on much of the same moods and styles as his previous album, we have a nice collection of emotionally filled tracks. The album spans fifteen tracks lasting nearly an hour for a great selection of music.

Emotion-charged, melodic synthpop is the foundation for this album and so each track builds on that. Some really emphasizing analog synths while others bring out the throbbing bass or heavy beats creating several dance-friendly pieces. The dynamic and diverse vocal styles also add a lot of variety to the album, keeping the listener entranced and interested throughout the album. Again, there's no way we can possibly review each track on the entire album, so I'll touch on a few favorites that can hopefully give the reader a taste of what's in store on this stellar work.

From the beginning we're faced with heavy, dark synths and moods on "XIII" taking a pattern from "Sacrifice" with the spoken word vocals on each verse and then the high-pitched distortion added on each chorus. This gives way to another dark and heavy piece in "Rats" which brings together heavily layered, pulsating synths with more distorted and vocoded vocals taking on a dark and harsh tone. These harsher pieces start the album off with a bit of an edge, but as we move along the diversity of the other tracks bring out the broad range of styles and moods present on this album. "Glow" has become a true favorite as we're presented with something of a classic new wave sound with the heavy percussion and melodic synths while the moody vocals bring the somber lyrics to life. A bit later we're presented with another new wave influenced piece, though much heavier and more dance friendly, "Devour" sports some heavy percussion that moves the piece along with the catchy rhythm that gets the listener moving no matter the mood or where they are.

Just over half-way through the album we hit a nice melodic, yet somber piece in "Pathogen". This selection features all the great synthpop elements, layered electronics, heavy pulsating bass and a nice dance-friendly beat, this all mixed with melodic vocals dripping with emotion creates an excellent piece. A bit later we get a real gem that easily finds it's way onto my repeat list with a touch of hypnotic trance elements with "Into Nothing". The melodic synths mixed with highly processed vocals come out in such a way that they just become something of an added electronic loop layered in with everything else. This dreamy piece is captivating and provides a segue into the final few pieces of the album. "Shadow Dancer" is the second-to-last piece on the album and really sets the stage for a great finale. This piece slowly and steadily builds with a dynamic heavy loop that creates a solid backdrop for the melodic mix of synths and vocals on this appropriately named selection. This brings us to the stellar finale of the album with "Child of the Earth". The deep and heavy bass is the foundation for this piece and really comes out strong mixed with heavy, club-friendly percussion weaving a soundscape and tapestry for the melodic, slightly processed vocals with just the right reverb for an excellent somber mood to bring the album to a close.

While maybe there isn't anything new and mind-blowing here, we have just a solid and dynamic album of emotionally drenched melodic synthpop. This is definitely worth seeking out and picking up for your collection, it's a great addition here.

Rating: 4.5/5

Life - Review

This young artist has been going strong for a few years with a few albums under his belt. Releasing a brand of dark, emotional synthpop, this album is his latest work and is a great addition to our collection here. Mr Kitty - Life Spanning seventeen stellar tracks, we run the gamut from dark and brooding, heavy hitting beats and throbbing electronics to more upbeat "pop" style synthpop. It's a nice, diverse album that should please fans of various styles and has become a quick favorite here with our listeners and personally as well.

This artist has a knack for churning out great music with several other albums already released. This is my first exposure to this project and I'm glad I was finally introduced to it. The album kicks off with a brand of dark and heavy synthpop with "Insects", a definite favorite for fans of this band. In this piece and others we get to experience the classic synthpop and new wave styles mixed with vocoded vocals. The moving beats create a dance-friendly style that keeps the listener moving. This sets the stage for the album as we review a few favorites here. While the majority of the album is on the darker side, there are some fun, upbeat tracks as well that I think most listeners can really enjoy. The first of these that stands out as a treat is "Heaven" with a syncopated rhythm, giving it a bit of a swing and upbeat feel. Another track along these lines that stands out is "London" which sports an excellent analog synth style with high vocoded vocals for a real melodic, moving style as a good backdrop for simple "feel-good" lyrics. I think most readers here will probably enjoy some of the heavier, darker more brooding, yet equally moving pieces. Again these pieces start right off from the beginning and "Unstable" and "Holy Death" are excellent selections with some heavy, modern synth structures and deeper vocals along the lines of class new wave artists Depeche Mode. However, the real gem comes in the form of "Sacrifice", starting off with a slow, pulsating electronic loop that slowly builds to a heavy beat and somewhat spoken word on each verse and then building to a dynamic crescendo of distorted, intense vocals for a masterpiece dripping with emotion you can really feel. "Choke" appears a bit later with a style similar to Mind.In.A.Box, with the dynamic electronic loops and heavy beats backing robotic vocoded vocals for a dark and dynamic piece.

With seventeen solid tracks we can't possibly cover them all here. I've touched on just a few favorites but the reality is that I've listened to this album easily a dozen times in a couple of weeks and each time another track or element stands out that is catchy and mesmerizing. It's a great work spanning such a dynamic range of classic synthpop and new wave styles that are fun and dance-friendly. As I've been reading and digging a little bit more into this artist and discovered there are other albums, I feel I'll have to go back and pick up much of the back catalog. Fans of emotional and melodic synthpop definitely need to pick up this album, it is a real treasure.
Rating: 4.5/5

Website: Bandcamp

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