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When members Richard Bjorklund of Spektralized and Sebastian Komor of Icon of Coil got together in 2001, they decided to create this side-project which was then called Off:Tribe.  While they received excellent feedback on their demo work, they had to put this project on hold as they each spent more time touring and on their other projects.  During this time they managed to get signed to Infacted Recordings for their European releases and Metropolis Records in North America.  Also during this time they decided to use the name Monofader for this project.  The debut album Frost was released in May, 2004 and they have hit the ground running.

Their unique combination of styles has brought out the best of both of their individual worlds and projects.  The music of Icon of Coil is definitely notable with that solid EBM style.  But if you mix with that the 80’s New Wave and Synthpop styles of Depeche Mode and Richard’s smooth vocals, you have a nice distinctive style.  The solid rhythm anchors it all into the Synthpop/EBM scene with plenty of dancefloor-friendly tracks.  Icon of Coil fans should really latch onto this release as it is so closely related in musical styles.  Be sure to listen to selected tracks on the Gothic Paradise club radio show while you form your own opinion of their work.  In the meantime, check out the review here and further information on their website.

Frost – Review

I was first introduced to this group by a press release that described them as “if Depeche Mode and Erasure got together to do an EBM project”.  Over the years I’ve tried to disregard these press releases, but when you’re first introduced to a group this way, it doesn’t matter, it always seems to stick in your mind.  First of all, if you’re hesitating on buying this album because of this description, put aside any doubts if you’re a fan good clear Synthpop music.  You’ll love it if this is the case.  If you’re hesitating because of the overload of “EBM” music lately, and the description of this combination doesn’t sound promising, disregard that idea also.  What this album does is brings out the best of the smooth Synthpop vocals and music in the style of the best Depeche Mode years and mixes it with a modern Techno/EBM flavor with (surprise) something that sounds like Icon of CoilErasure doesn’t fit in the mix anywhere, unless you’re up on the history of these groups…

With that aside, let’s dive into the music, because with this album there’s a little bit of something for all Synthpop/EBM fans around the world.  If you’re aching for some of that smooth ballad-like flavor, with a  bit of mood thrown in, then you have a few intelligent songs to choose from.  If what you want is fast-paced, pounding EBM beats, then a little more than half the album will keep you moving.  Everything in between is just gravy and good listening.

The first track is a “System Check” track which allows you to check your stereo listening settings (left, right, mono and full stereo channel checks) as well as low and high frequency checks.  I had fun just playing this track on my different stereos on my computer, home theater system, powerful shelf system and car speakers.  Of course, after the first few times you play this album, you would probably just skip this track, but it’s fun and interesting nonetheless.  But I think this brings out the attention that this group focuses on with good sound and technology.

After this short and interesting intro there’s no hesitation for the fast-paced beats to kick in with two fun dance tracks “Mimic” and “Deliver”.  For getting the body moving and providing a nice platform for the lyrics, the music in these two tracks is not revolutionary, but standard and enjoyable.  The mix of smooth baritone vocals add a nice texture to the sound.  The tight programming continues throughout the album with more danceable tracks following ranging from the heavy-hitting sounds of “Scars” and “Behind” to the slightly slower “Stand Alone”.  Each of these are excellent as the vocals blend so well with the music providing a smooth and melodious soundscape.

If you’re getting tired of the pounding beats and fast-paced rhythms that so many groups are filling entire albums with lately, here’s a nice break for you.  Included on this album are a good half-dozen down-beat or mid-tempo tracks.  Some along the lines of the latest smooth songs by groups like De/Vision, Wolfsheim and later Depeche Mode.  By the fourth song we’re already into one of these smooth ballads in the form of “Cold and Awake”.  These slower tracks don’t cut back on sound quality and the use of smooth synths and technology, the music is full, well-textured, yet solid and simple enough to provide a smooth backdrop for the vocals.  Several other tracks follow in a similar fashion, adding a nice “chill” factor for relaxing and just listening as “Why?” and “Tonight We Are” bring out a myriad of thoughts and emotions we can all relate to.

Overall a very good album.  Like I stated, it?s nothing new and really innovative other than getting back to some of the basic elements of good Synthpop and thoughtful electronic music.

Rating: 4/5

Website: www.monofader.com
Label: Metropolis Records
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