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[ Machine in the Garden, The - Before and After the Storm ]
[ Machine in the Garden, The - Shadow Puppets ]
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[ Mind.In.A.Box - CrossRoads ]
[ Mind.In.A.Box - Dreamweb ]
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[ Miriam - When Beauty Is Invisible ]
[ Miriam - Scents ]
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[ Moev - Ventilation ]
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[ Monica Schroeder - Poison ]
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[ Monofader - Frost ]
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[ Ostia - Between Two Cities ]
[ Ostia - From The Aether ]
This band hails from the eastern U.S. from Virgina and was formed in 2004 by Randy Fox (vocals and lyrics) and Barry Hammers (keyboards).  They managed to pull their sound together quickly over the next year and within months they released demos of several tracks which were received well by radio and club DJ's in the area.  Just a year after forming they put together ten original tracks and five additional remixes for their debut album Spirit Within.  Like the demo tracks preceding it's release, the album was also widely accepted by synthpop fans across the country in just a short time. Three years later they put together another ten tracks for their sophomore release End With E continuing on with their synthpop style.

The sound and style of this duo is a nice mix of melodic synthpop with a classic new wave edge.  The band has some obvious influences from Depeche Mode to Apoptygma Berzerk and VNV Nation.  With these influences, their talents and own creativity, they manage to pull together some catchy hooks and dance-friendly tracks.

With these two albums out and some experience under their belt, only the future will tell where they'll go from here.  The possibilities are great, although they'll really have to continue to create great music to survive the saturated electronic music market today.  Check them out for yourself by listening to selections on the Gothic Paradise Club Radio show.

Ends With E - Review
It's been a good three years since the debut album from this duo and now we have their follow-up work available. As many fans and critics have noted, their style has matured slightly in their lyrical content and musical compositions. The packaging for this disc is simple with a single page insert and not much else. The disc contains ten tracks of synthpop varying in moods and tempo from the upbeat, dance-friendly to the down-tempo ballads.

The dance-friendly hooks kick off from the start with "In A Dark World". The electronic music structures on pretty much every piece are solid for fans of moving synthpop. The vocals on this piece and few others lean heavily on some kind of vocoding or heavy mixing as one word mixes into another. It's kind of catchy but depending on your tastes can be a bit annoying as it sort of takes the humanity out of the song that we seem to enjoy in most melodic synthpop. At times a twist like this can be nice and since they don't mix this in on every piece it's not overkill. The 90's bouncy synthpop influence is felt on several pieces, heavily on "Shine" which is a favorite from this disc as the vocals remain melodic without trying to dip in and out of changing keys and music is bright and moving.

The few ballads are also enjoyable and the lyrics don't get too cliche. "The Coming Storm" is put together well as one of these with still strong electronic loops keep it grounded in the synthpop style and the vocals remain steady and mix well. "Faded Days" also pulls together some heavy synths and smooth vocals for another nice ballad-like piece.

The album remains strong with the tempo alternating about 3 dance tracks to one slower mid or downtempo piece. It moving along nicely through "Venus de Milo", "Celebrity" and "Evangeline" with some hooks and catchy loops and then finally slows down for the final piece with piano and somber synths. This makes for a nice finish to this album.

Rating: 3.5/5

Spirit Within - Review

In a market that's saturated with electro-industrial, synthpop and EBM music, it's nice to hear one that catches the vision of melodic and dance-friendly music while not losing all trace of humanity and emotional content. This is the case with this band as they pulled together the ten original tracks on their debut album.  In addition to these ten tracks, they've also included five remixes, including three different versions of "Ghost".

From the start, the short intro "Don't Bring Me Down" is catchy with the vocoded robotic vocals.  But this short intro is just a taste of some of the great pieces to come.  "Fast As Ever" is easily one of the catchier and club-friendly pieces on the album.  The driving beats are complimented by the pleasant synths and smooth vocals.  The lyrics of this and other tracks are meaningful and often ballad-like for those that enjoy a little romanticism.

The next few tracks continue on the dance-friendly beats with "Ghost" becoming another melodic synth favorite.  This one delves a little more into the moodier styles that german-synth fans will enjoy.  This also seems to be the choice for a single from this band as four different mixes appear on this album alone.  These remixes are nice alternatives and including them on the album is a nice treat for fans as opposed to making them go out and buy a separate disc.

After the moving danceable ballad "I'd Die For You", the tempo slows down to bring us the dramatic piece "World of Sadness".  But these are short-lived and it's not long until the moving beats and tempo pick back up and we're treated with more great danceable pieces.  Some of these later tracks are a little cliche in their lyrical content and lack some of the poetic finesse, especially in the slower ballads.  But these are minor elements that this duo will surely improve over time and with experience.

So there you have it, another nice album that synth fans can really enjoy.

Rating: 3/5


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