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We Came To Wreck Everything - Review

This has been a fun album to discover and listen to. The debut album Some Things Are Beyond Therapy was released in 2012 and kind of got lost amidst the onslaught of electronic industrial music released at the time. We Came To Wreck Everything However, this remix album is a true gem and provides more diversity and a fresh take on many of the tracks from their debut. Featuring remixes from some of popular bands in the industrial scene like DYM, God Module and others, these remixes add new power and dynamics to the original tracks for a real treat. With ten solid remixes, only repeating a couple of tracks, it provides a nice selection of intense, fun and club-friendly pieces for fans to enjoy.

I often get tired of the same old take on electro-industrial music, especially with the shear number of artists trying to do it, the scene just gets completely saturated, so at times bands like this sort of fade or blend in with the rest. Once in a while one stands out, or in this case an album, and even rarer for me is that it's a remix album that I truly enjoy. I'm usually disappointed w/ the repeated tracks and lack of one thing or another from the remixers, but we really have some great selections here. As I've listened to the album several times and included tracks on the Gothic Paradise club mix, some pieces have really started to stand out as favorites. In the case of this album these tend to be those that bring some nice diversity to the album, yet stay well within the solid foundation of the harsh, powerful electro-industrial music with a few minor exceptions.

The album starts off with the heavy, trance-like mix from DYM of "Dead Inside". The original piece has some raw emotion to it, so as you take those vocals and expressive lyrics and mix them with the pulsating, trance-laiden industrial rhythms and loops from DYM, we have a stellar piece and great intro to this remix album showcasing the first of many powerful and dyanmic remixes. This is followed by another with a remix of "Then I Found You" by Shiv-r. This remix also adds some subtle trance elements but the foundation is definitely the pounding beat and heavy pulsating electronics as a back-drop to the vocoded vocals. A little bit later we get another excellent remix of "Dead Inside", though you would hardly recognize it as the same track besides the vocals and lyrics the music is quite different. Aesthetic Perfection does an excellent job on this remix, sporting a dark rave style similar to tracks from the dark rave kings Massiv In Mensch, for those familiar I think there are some definite similarities here for a bouncy, upbeat feel on this piece which is quite ironic against the harsh vocals and overall dark nature of the original piece. A nice bonus on this remix is the inclusion of some shouting and actual non-distorted vocals, really bringing out some raw emotion on this piece really making it a favorite.

As the album continues to move along we drift back into the original style a bit as the band provides their own remix of the single from their debut album "Potential". I think the casual listener probably won't notice much difference between the original and this remix, mainly it seems a bit heavier and ends up clocking in about 40 seconds shorter. Regardless, this remains a powerful and favorite selection from the debut album as well as this remix work. We can always count on God Module to pick things up a notch and add their own twist and with their remix of "Wired for Destruction" they have really delivered. This quickly became a favorite as soon as I heard it with the heavier mix of pulsating synths and dynamic rhythms, this an excellent take on this track. As the album starts to wind down, I was really impressed with the emotional power that emanates from the E-Craft remix of "Heal My Scars". This already dark and emotional piece really comes out strong with this remix, buoyed up by various electronic loops and layers of powerful, pulsating synths mixed perfectly with the uniquely vocoded and distorted vocals.

There you have the details of a few favorites and I really have to say I enjoy listening to the entire album, including all remixes with their dynamic and diverse take on the original pieces. Some you hardly recognize while others are very true to the original form. Overall it's a great album and one of the better remix albums I've heard in a very long time.

Rating: 4.5/5

Website: www.ludotechnique.com/
Label: Metropolis Records

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