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Air & Numbers

These creative artists have produced another great set of tracks on this, their latest album without much of a rest or break. Air & Numbers Picking up right where they left off with their previous work we have another collection of nine gothabilly tracks all presented in a simple and nice digipack.

After a short introductory one-minute prelude in the form of "Underscore" we get into the heart of the album with the mid-tempo somber piece "Horses on the Run". This sets a tone and pattern for much of the album with a mix of the various classic guitars, heavy bass, layers of reverb and mid-tempo beats all backing the soft and beautiful vocals. It's not all about somber moods and rhythms though, for those that like a little faster and darker music, we still get a good taste of that here. In fact the pace picks right up with "Do You Remember?" and then the mood goes darker with the moving, yet brooding piece "Burned Like This". Here the intensity picks up in the vocals and rhythm, but for those that love a prominent bass, which has always been a great staple in many post-punk bands, we definitely get a great taste of it here on this piece as it really takes the lead backing the haunting vocals. These diverse tracks keep the album captivating and the listener is definitely treated to some more great, catchy hooks throughout. We hear a familiar melody on "Cover Me" and a classic riff on the dreamy, syncopated rhythms of "Big Sky".

All of these selections form the spellbinding fabric of the haunting tapestry that creates this style of ethereal meets rockabilly. This is a great album and a great unique style that spans decades and genres. As the album comes to a close the ethereal side really comes out for a very beautiful and somber piece to softly bring the album to a close. Overall it's another great piece of work that fans of many genres will love, but definitely for those looking for that classic gothabilly sound with a lighter and softer touch.

Rating: 4/5

Tomorrow Is Never - Review

This year (2015) we were introduced to a great new surf, gothic rock / gothabilly band out of New York. Tomorrow Is Never This new project is composed of the members Mary Ognibene (vocals), Stephen Masucci (Guitars, Keyboards, etc.), Tony Mann (Drums) and Michael Williams (12 String Acoustic Guitar). With some of the members also being part of The Lost Patrol, we see a lot of similarities in style on this debut work, though the more you listen, the more you start to pick out subtle differences here and there that give them their own unique touch. This album features nine selections that give us a great introduction to this band. The album comes packaged in a nice digi-pack with lyric and band info booklet which is always nice to have with the physical copy.

The album starts off with the somber moods of "No Amends" which helps to set the stage for this album. We don't have a lot of driving club hits here, though there are some few rather upbeat tracks. Rather on this one, we have more of a selection of tracks to listen to sitting in your convertible on some California beach watching the sun set. The classic rock and gothic touches are a perfect combination as a backdrop for Mary's soft yet solid vocals. The music brings out a lot of visuals with the mid-tempo beat and mix of classic guitar with some reverb of everything from 50's diners to old west towns, beautiful beaches and city skylines.

The music remains fairly homogenous throughout the album with each piece being solid and captivating. Each one just unique enough to stand out on it's own yet all blending together perfectly. From the initial somber moods the intensity picks up a bit with "The Dust Settles Down" and the drifts off again with the soft and somewhat lilting piece (as much as you can with various grinding and reverberating guitar) on "Tell Me When". "Do As You Please" picks up the pace just slightly though the guitars come out more intense before all dropping off again with the title track "Tomorrow Is Never". This latter piece really stands out as a soft and peaceful selection with subtle acoustic guitar and subtle percussion moving it along. Drifting back into the past we're hit with a couple of nice pieces with "It's Just Like You" and "Will You Surrender?". I grew up listening to a lot of classic country, bluegrass and 50's rock when I was very young and these pieces bring back a lot of memories of some of the best from that era as we drift along through each selection. As the album starts to wrap up "Divine" comes out as the most upbeat and intense piece on the album, again sporting all of the classic sounds with that slight gothic touch to ground it in the modern age and genres listeners and readers love here. To close the album "Relapse" is presented as almost a sweet lullaby, softly lulling the listener, holding them captivated until the very last note.

It's great to see another project created by these talented artists. I like the way it all came together as something familiar, yet something new and something our listeners and readers already love.
Rating: 4/5

Website: thelovelyintangibles.bandcamp.com

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