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Torben Schmidt and J. Machon are the duo that comprise this Electro-Industrial group out of Europe.  The band was formed in 1992 originally just release on song “Subjection” for the Body Rapture Volume II compilation on the legendary Zoth Ommog label.  After this the project continued on to release several successful albums in Europe and two in North American under the Metropolis Records label.  Their current releases in Europe are from the prominent electronic label Accession Records.  Torben’s experience in the music industry has led him through what has worked and what hasn’t in the past to put together a dynamic sound that is quite successful.

Fans of the Electro-Industrial combination of genres such as Industrial, EBM, Synthpop and Trance will definitely enjoy this group.  Each album contains something new and innovative, yet capitalizing on the proven methods and elements of these genres.  With intelligible vocals and driving music, this group has proven they can take an idea and really create something out of it.

I think the band name describes much of what is behind it all.  A mixture of pulsating rhythms are reminiscent of  those on a dance floor or concert and the Euphoria you feel when listening to great music is what it all amounts to.  There is definitely something here from this group fans old and new can enjoy.  Check out selections on the Gothic Paradise radio show.

Quershnitt - Review

After the successful release of Krieg Gegen Das Maschinen, it seems this album has marked a great mileston for this project.  So it only seems appropriate that they put together a sort of compendium or compilation of some of their tracks over the last decade or so. I really wouldn't call this a "best of" album, because I think that there are a lot of tracks not included on this album that are much better.  However, what we're presented with is a nice cross-section of past releases.

I think the listener will notice on this release the harder-edged Industrial sound that seems to dominate this release more than recent recordings.  I think a lot of people familiar with old Front 242 and other classic Industrial/EBM bands will find a lot of similarities in many of the tracks presented here.

The album starts off with my favorite track, the EBM-influenced work "In Love With The Night".  This piece has a pounding beat that should really keep dance-floors moving.  I also really enjoy the solid pounding beat of "Face of a God", but then the vocals aren't quite as enjoyable.  This track reminds me a lot of Nitzer Ebb in the musical and vocal style.  "Give Me You" picks up the beat a lot and creates another chant-like track similar to old Nitzer Ebb and Project Pitchfork but with modern futurepop and Industrial musical styles with deep monotone vocals.

The first half of the CD is packed full of these excellent tracks varying slightly in mood and style from smooth and up-beat EBM to the harder-edged Industrial.  I feel a nice combination and mix has been reached for an enjoyable collection of great tracks.  The later half of the album includes various remixes by groups such as Psyche, In Strict Confidence and others.  Each of these are quite noteworthy with the "Leaether Strip Remix" of "Injustice" possibly being one of my favorites, bringing out that classic EBM style and vocals.

Overall, I think this is a great album, a good way to go back and hear some of the classics that have helped launch this group into the Industrial/EBM spotlight where they receive well-deserved credit and popularity.

Rating: 3.5/5

Krieg Gegen Die Maschinen – Review

The earlier release of the excellent Fading Moments EP and the remixes presented there were a good teaser and intro for this album.  When I received this disc I put it in my player and was immediately pleasantly surprised by the excellent variety of danceable electronic music on this album, ranging from classic, harsh-sounding EBM to the modern hard-hitting Synthpop sound.  All of this coupled together with a range of guest vocals that add incredibly to the dynamics of this work.

After the short spoken word and intro “Vorwort”, the smooth vocals kick off the powerful and moving Synthpop track “True Life”.  This is easily a highlight on this album for me, combining all of the best techno elements to move a dance floor with the smooth vocals providing an accessible popular sound.  When I spoke of dynamics earlier, I wasn’t just using a creative adjective.  The variety and dynamic ability is portrayed throughout the album.  Beginning with this smoother Synthpop sound and drifting off to an interlude of slight Industrial Noise on “Interface I” and again on “Interface II”.  After these short breaks we’re also treated to the harsher EBM/Industrial elements of harsh distorted vocals on “Fly to Target (shellshox mix)” and with slightly less of an edge is “Shadows Emerging”.  With several other tracks in between, some powerful and others just riding that techno beat, we finally wind down with “Interface III”.  After the first two following a dark, Industrial pattern, you might expect the same here.  But to wrap up this album is 30 seconds of a dark piano loop that is simply beautiful and a perfect ending for this album.

Part of the dynamic nature of this work is brought out in the number of guest vocalists presented.  Ronan Harris from VNV Nation brings his talented voice on “Consequence (face yourself)”.  Not surprisingly this track leans slightly towards the Futurepop sound of VNV Nation for a powerful sound and moving rhythm.  The harsh growling vocals of A. Mather from Tactical Sect bring out the dark and aggressive sound of Grendel’s “Shellshox” remix of “Fly to Target”.  I think this track and the similar-sounding “Shadows Emerging” will be a real treat to the hardcore rivethead wanting to hear a little more of the classic, harsh Industrial sound.  There are others also present that won’t be named, along with credits given to other bands, apparently for the original version of tracks covered here.  The liner notes on the album point all of these things out, and whatever the case may be, it’s brought together in a nice mix.

In many ways this follows the typical EBM/Industrial releases of the day, but somehow this group have managed to pull it all together into something a little more interesting, catchier and still classic enough to appeal to a wide audience.  Great dance music meets powerful vocals and a mixture of Industrial and Electronic elements in between.  Highly recommended for the EBM fan anywhere.

Rating: 4.5/5

Fading Moments EP – Review

This EP mainly presents remixes of the otherwise unreleased track "Fading Moments". Also included on this EP are remixes of "trapped" and "fly to target" where the originals appear on the album Krieg Gegen Die Maschinen. I guess the original version of this is actually the "club mix" presented on this EP since it isn't available elsewhere. The original version is quite well-done, but staying within the realm of the fairly typical Electro-Industrial music of the past few years. The pounding beats and plethora of synths create a harsh soundscape punctuated by the slightly distorted vocals. As the mix would imply, this is definitely a floor-stomping track that should get the rivetheads out dancing just about anywhere.

Next you add to this track some of the remixes and we're presented with something quite well mixed indeed. Of the remixes, I believe the two by Feindflug are my favorites adding more synths and more dynamics to the overall musical structure bringing out much more from the original music. One of these is an instrumental mix focusing more on the musical aspect and the other adds the vocals for the complete approach. E-craft adds their more techno-oriented approach to the mix and [:sitd:] also presents a noteworthy remix. With 10 tracks presented here, this is almost as good as having a full-length album, but still faces the "single dilemna" of the same track remixed several times. So listening to the disc in it's entirety is not as enjoyable as an album, but for selecting tracks to listen to or to have at a dance club is excellent.

Rating: 3/5

Website: www.lightsofeuphoria.de
North American Label: Metropolis Records
European Label: Accession Records

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