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This electronic band is composed of the trio Milton Sanchez, Richard Abdeni and Anthony Stuart.  Hailing from the Miami / Ft. Lauderdale area in Florida, these three formed Les Anges de la Nuit in 2003.  The band signed with Infacted Recordings in Europe for a release of their debut album Ruins of Victory in early 2005.  Soon after, the new N. American label Static Sky Records picked them up for the domestic release of this same album.

The name of the band translated into english means "angels of the night" and so the music and inspiration of this band is slightly mystical, blending ancient biblical prophecies with current events of our modern world.  Based on these elements, the reader can start to imagine the type of music to evolve.  It ends up being a bombastic, dark electronic sound similar to many EBM and "futurepop" bands of the day, but they do manage to put something of their own twist into the music.  Building on these foundations they begin to create an identity for themselves in what seems to be something of a saturated electronic music genre.  With it being so easy to make this type of music now with a computer and various pieces of software, we really have to weed through a lot of bands to find those that are worthwhile.  With their debut album, we seem to have found one of these in Les Anges de la Nuit.

Their history is short, but their future is promising.  If the band can continue to capture the best of what people enjoy in dark, driving electronic music yet do something new and creative and unique for themselves, they will do well.  Be sure to check out selections from the debut album on Gothic Paradise radio.

Ruins of Victory – Review

This debut album was launched on the world without any warning after being quickly signed and licensed for release in both Europe and N. America. I was pleasantly surprised by the album when I first put it on as I've been sifting through dozens of synth, EBM and electro-industrial releases over the past few weeks.  While many will immediately pick out similarities to bands like VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk and Icon of Coil, they do manage to pull off something of a unique style based around the vocals and apocalyptic themes.

The first bombastic choir-filled samples, wolf howls and thunder give way to driving percussion and pulsating synths on "The Apocalypse".  This first track really sets the mood for the entire album.  Each track picks up and immediately drives the listener through the mixture of layered synths, driving beats and smooth vocals.  "Banish Me" is one of the more melodic tracks on the disc which shows a little bit of diversity the band has and should please fans of this type of driving electro-pop.

The lyrics are all thought-provoking with themes rooted in biblical prophecy and reflections on modern day society.  All of this mixed with the mostly driving music provides a nice medium to portray the message.  With all of that said as I listen to each track and the way the melodic vocals come out, the emotional power of the music and no need for harsh textures or distorted vocals, it all comes together nicely.  The variety even varies just within the vocals, possibly be the different members taking turns at the lead, compare the smooth tenor of "In The Worst Times" with the slightly more intense "Forever and a Day".

The music is very consistent even with the slight variety.  The one place there really isn't much variety is in the driving beats.  You can pretty much count on the solid four-beat techno-style beats, some faster than others, but always driving.  This can lend itself to monotony in some cases, while this isn't really the case for this album songs like "Mystic Places" does tend to grow a bit hypnotic with the constant "thud, thud" of the beat overshadowing most of the other music.

In the end the album wraps up nicely after being treated to a good solid set of ten tracks.  The finale to the album is an instrumental and well done, and provides a nice ending to the album and even bridges the gap between trance and synthpop on this album, something that some fans will enjoy and others may just ignore.  But all in all a nice piece of work that's worth picking up.

Rating: 3.5/5

Website: www.lesangesdelanuit.net
Label: Static Sky Records

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