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Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, this duo brings a new and refreshing sound to the Gothic/Electronic music scene.  The history behind this group is actually more involved than what one might think based on the current lineup.  The foundation actually began several years ago in 1994 with Juan Andres Calesco, Maximiliano Schneider and Lucio Moschella with their previous project NYX.  They would change their name, prepare the entire album musically and then add soprano Claudia Rolando.  Just before the release of this album Maximiliano and Lucio left the band, leaving behind this duo to carry on.

The name Lamia is based on the morbid character in Greek mythology that steals and devours children.  With the morbid name to match, they delve into the dark electronics of today's EBM and Electro-Goth scene and mix it perfectly with classical instruments and songs.  For those looking for a comparison to relate to, the first group that comes to mind is Die Form with the experimental electronics, slight diversion into the classical influences and the alternating male and soprano female vocals.  Others also include Qntal and Helium Vola, although these groups tend to lean a little more toward Medieval influences.

I think with this unique mixture of sacred, classical and dark music, they have managed to capture something unique to build on.  Their debut album Dark Angel was released last year on Twilight Records, but has been re-released for the North American audience on Metropollis Records in July, 2004.

Dark Angel - Review

Before the release of this album to the North American audience, I didn't know about this group and hadn't heard of them before.  When I first read the press-release for this band I was immediately intrigued because I'm a fan of Classical-influenced Electronic and Gothic music.  With the release on Metropolis Records we've been presented with this debut album.  I have to admit that based on the press release it wasn't exactly what I expected when I first heard the album.  I may have even been a little bit let down, until I had listened to the album several times to really gain an appreciation for the diverse and unique styles.

The album begins with a rendition of J.S. Bach's "Prelude in Ci.Bwv 846" with the harpsichord.  I could certainly appreciate this piece being a fan and classically trained pianist.  Then I was taken into a completely different world of "Dark Angel", which sent my head spinning.  The first few times I listened I couldn't quite wrap my thoughts around it, then it started to grow on me and has quickly become a favorte of mine on the album.  It still has some classical elements in it in the form of an organ and the remarkable soprano vocals.  The slightly robotic vocals layered underneath add a certain dark element bringing out a slight emotional tinge to the overall composition.

After this captivating classical piece we're thrown head-long into the pounding EBM-style music of "You'll Die" focusing entirely on layered spoken-word samples.  While this may be one of the most moving tracks, it doesn't quite measure up to "Dunkel Leben" or "O Domine Jesu Christe" both of which drift back to the latin and classical influences.  The bombastic war-like marching beats of "Der Damon" provide something that fans of harder-edged music can enjoy, while keeping completely in an instrumental realm.

We're graced with two more classical pieces on the piano which add a nice touch to the album.  While the production on some tracks could be a little better, overall it all comes together nicely.  My only real complaint are the remixes at the end of the album.  I don't enjoy much at all either the "Instrumental Mix" of "You'll Die" or the "Psycho Mix" of "Dark Angel".  The originals are much better and much more enjoyable, but some fans may disagree and so I leave it up to the listener to decide.

Once again, I recommend this album to those who can appreciate the diversity and the classical influences in the soprano vocals and inclusion of piano, harpsichord and organ in their various forms.  It may even have to grow on you like it did for me, now I enjoy it quite a bit for it's unique and enjoyable nature.

Rating: 3.5/5

Webpage: http://www.lamia.com.ar
Label: Metropolis Records

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