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Hailing from Germany, this duo got their start in 1992 when Guido LeFric started creating film scores.  After meeting up with Rhea, the band was born and we have what we know today as La Floa Maldita.  Over the ensuing years they would overcome many challenges with releasing their music, but would be signed by Candyland Entertainment, KODEX, Pendragaon Records/Metropolis Records and most recently with WTII Records for the latest release.  They have had a strong career with several albums and EPs, including the popular cover of "Voyage, Voyage".  They continue on with their career after a break of a few years with each release further defining and refining their sound.

When I hear this band mentioned I think of soft swirling layers and beautiful vocals captured within harsh soundscapes.  The name La Floa Maldita comes from a South American term used by farmers to label a poppy flower, which is beautiful, yet addictive and deadly when used to make narcotics with.  The music of this talented duo has been described in similar fashion, captivating and beautiful, yet laced with harsh and almost lethal elements.  Over the last decade we've been entertained by this unique and mesmerizing music and the journey continues on.

For those that are already familiar with this band's sound, no further introduction is needed.  These fans should be pleased with the latest from this group.  For those that are not familiar, I would refer them to other groups of the "Heaveny Voices" style, while adding various electronics and the occasional guitar and percussion.  Check out selections on the Gothic Paradise radio shows.

Salut Jacques - Review

When I first received word that Guido and Rhea were back to work on this latest album, I was very excited.  After a long anticipated wait this awesome CD/DVD set is in my hands and finding a lot of play time in my CD and DVD players. The idea of packaging and releasing these together, at the same price of a regular album is a true bargain, as just the incredible music on this album makes it all worth it.  But with the inclusion of the DVD with music videos done entirely by the group and behind-the-scenes interviews and footage, it is an incredible added bonus.

Those familiar with this group will absolutely love this album.  The smooth, floating vocals that Rhea add to the variety of musical styles flows smoothly through the airwaves.  These vibrant soundscapes are present in the dance tracks, laiden with a nice dance beat, as well as in the softest downbeat tracks.  The album begins with two upbeat songs "Stay" and "Secrets & Dreams" that are moving and very inviting with a moving rhythm.

"Rain of Gold" and "Silence" move us slowly into the grooving elements of the edgier, yet slower and jazzy tracks.  All of these elements seem almost like they should be mutually exclusive, but this duo pull them off with an interesting and smooth twist.  "For You" is the climax of smooth ambiance, slowly moving and ebbing through a beautiful instrumental loop that builds to a powerful and bombastic climax that leaves you breathless.

Each of these tracks follow in some way or another through this trap of luring beauty into the captivating and lethal siren song.  It all comes to a climax with the final beautiful track "Seek For You".  Present are the smooth vocals, unique percussion and other powerful yet smooth elements.  This has quickly become my favorite, it's a shame it doesn't take up more of the 30 minutes of mostly empty silence of this final track.  But we'll just have to make due with the four minutes we're given.

Fans and newcomers alike, don't hesitate another moment, you must go out and get this CD/DVD set immediately.  It is released in Europe and North America, so hopefully the DVD will work for your region.  Enjoy them both!

Rating: 4.5/5

Website: www.lafloamaldita.com
Label: WTII Records

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