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This remarkable label came out of what would soon be the ashes of the popular band Chandeen.  Harald Löwy is the founder of this label which started in 1999 and released Chandeen's last three albums, Bikes and Pyramids, Echoes and the final "best of" album Pandora's Box.  But the label would move on and continue to work with new artists to get their music released.

While the artist roster continues to grow, many popular band names can be found currently active on this label.  These include Soul Whirling Somewhere, Unto Ashes, Ophelia's Dream, Ion Javelyn and the stunning new act Elane among others.  Many of these bands have been found here on Gothic Paradise with each of their releases.  Like many other independant labels, this label focuses on the artists themselves, not so much on the bottom line.  Many labels barely make ends meet, but through all of this they have been able to launch many successful careers.  Such is the goal and the possibility with this label.  They can take many of these young, old or otherwise promising artists and help them get on the right path to getting their music out to the world and make a difference in their own way.

Visit the label's website for more updated information and additional features, tour schedules, sound and video clips and more.

Lightwaves Part II - Review

Following up their first compilation album Lightwaves of 2004, we now have the newest from this label in the form of Lightwaves Part II.  With 18 tracks including some exclusive and new pieces from this label as well as a few other labels releasing artists of similar style, this disc jam-packed with some great tunes. The overall style reflects perfectly what this label is all about, releasing great music along the ethereal, and dream-pop genres.

All a fan of this music has to do is just take a glance at the outstanding artists on the tracklist and they know this is going to be an awesome disc.  Immediately the names of Unto Ashes, Arcana and Louisa John-Krol jump out as oustanding inclusions on this disc.  "My Lord Is Born" from Unto Ashes appears as a selection from their new album, although many will recognize this from recent Projekt holiday compilations.  They continue with their unique goth, medieval folk music on this track giving us a hint of what's to come on their new album.  Arcana always manages to please fans with their outstanding neo-classical, medieval sound and they do it once again with the inclusion of the romantic, yet powerful piece "Lost in Time".  Louisa John-Krol is always haunting and mesmerizing and with her piece "Birch Wandering", she takes a neat little folk tune and makes it dreamy and beautiful like always.  Another long-time favorite of Projekt fans is sure to be Soul Whirling Somewhere with their newest appearance in quite some time.

Along with these long-time artists that are recognizable here on Gothic Paradise, there are a few new additions including the new signing to Kalinkaland, Mediavolo with their upbeat dream-pop piece "Misunderstanding".  We'll be hearing a reading much more about this group with their new album being released also on this label.  Prikosnovenie fans will recognize Ivo Sedlacek with the romantic violin, or the haunting, beautiful voice of Fleur and Misstrip, each contributing some of their latest captivating pieces.

There is so much great material on this disc that it's impossible to go over each song in detail, so I'll leave it up to the listener to realize that with the possible recognition of the already mentioned groups and their inclusions on this disc that it will be enough to realize how great this disc is.  Don't hesitate to go pick it up for a taste of some of the great music recently released and still to come in the near future.

Rating: 4.5/5


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