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God Module was founded in 1999 by Jasyn Bangert as an electronic project.  He quickly got off to a great start and the band was picked up by Inception Records for the debut release Artificial in 2000.  This was quickly released to the popular European Trisol label.  The band continued to progress and release music and also was joined by two other members, Courtney Bangert and Byron C. Miller.  Courtney adds her female vocals in the studio on the albums as well as live keyboards and Byron adds his talents to the band as well.

The band is currently with Out Of Line for their European releases and Metropolis Records for their North American releases.  Their discography is impressive with a re-release of Artificial 2.0 and a couple more EPs and more albums including their latest release in 2005 Viscera.  With each album they manage to captivate more fans and launch their music onto the masses.  They have played several great live shows including the GothAM, Wave Gothik Treffen in Leipzig and INFEST in the UK all in 2003.  Since then they continue to play many other shows and work hard to continue to create their hard-hitting music.

Fans of electro-industrial music will most likely already be quite familiar with this band and their music from the past few years.  For those just getting to know this band they fall nicely right into the genre that mixes hard-hitting industrial, elements of EBM and traces of techno with harsh vocals and equally harsh lyrics.  Comparable to label-mates Grendel, Decoded Feedback and Suicide Commando, they create an onslaught of powerful electronic music.

Listen to the club radio show here for selections from this band as well as others that are similar in style.  Also be sure to check out the band's website for latest news, updates and other information.

Let's Go Dark - Review

As Viscera has kind of grown on me over time, I was curious and was somewhat looking forward to what new material we would be presented with from this band. This new album builds on the styles that we've grown to enjoy over time from their previous album.  They put together ten pounding tracks mixing harsh, distorted male vocals with the occasional female vocals for a mix of melodic textures over hard-hitting indsustrial electronics and beats.

The album starts off with something of a comical twist with tracks "Spooky", "Let's Go Dark" and "Corpses (A Zombie Love Song)".  While "Let's Go Dark" does seem to have a serious side to it with the lyrics (if you can understand them through the distortion), but "Spooky" and "Corpses" are definitely tongue-in-cheek though the latter does have a nice melodic touch with the female vox.  "Undone" picks up the intensity and becomes a straight up distorted EBM/Industrial piece, like so many others of it's kind, so while it's solid, it kind of gets lost in the saturated scene.

Luckily there are some hints of variety throughout the album, such as the aforementioned "Spooky" or "Corpses" and a somewhat drifting piece appropriately named "Falling In Space" which is something of an instrumental with some spoken word samples creating a haunting atmosphere.  This brings us back to the reality of God Module with more hard-hitting tracks full of distorted vocals which get kind of tiring after a while since pretty much the rest of the album follows this same vocal style, with slight variations on the underlying music, but all EBM/Industrial.

"Brains" brings us full circle and with the samples you can't help but smile as you listen to this piece, but once again it's really just another harsh-sounding EBM/Industrial piece with distorted vocals and hard-hitting electronic music over a driving beat.  The saving grace is the added samples already mentioned and that wraps up the album.  Overall I think fans of this style of music will enjoy this album, it has a little different twist without a lot of hateful or rude content.

Rating: 3/5

Viscera - Review

This is one very powerful piece of work and should pound dance floors world wide and will have listeners dancing no matter where they happen to be listening.  With a scene so saturated with this musical style, to have something of a melodic nature like this band provides us is an excellent alternative and medium for the powerful and distressful lyrics that Jasyn portrays.

From the very beginning of the album with "The Source", the horrendous messages portrayed through the lyrics are beat home through the powerful and melodic music.  With a chorus of "can you see what I see? can you hear what I hear?", it resonates and captivates the listener through the layered synths and harsh vocals.  It seems that a lot of thought and effort is put into this music, the lyrics and how it all comes together, but to sit and read the words that come out on these tracks is almost disturbing in some ways, while in others the music brings out a world that we all live in and survive.

Throughout the album there are a number of things that are brought together to make this a powerful and interesting work to listen to.  The most obvious in this genre is the pounding dance-friendly beat that get people out moving on the dancefloor.  This comes out so well in each track and is not overpowering or meant to stand-alone like noise, but moves the music along creating a dynamic and driving tempo.  This includes the powerful industrial pieces like "The Source", the mostly instrumental piece "Inside Out" as well as the mid-tempo piece "Still So Strange".  This latter track introduces Courtney on the female vocals and during the chorus brings out a sort of New Wave style that provides an incredibly catchy variety to this and other tracks.

The layers of synths on this album are another element that brings it all together so well and in a way that make the music quite melodic and catchy to rivetheads and others that aren't always into the harshest of industrial and noise sounds.  The use of these powerful layered synths in creating this music is evident as the band goes back to a classic great in covering The Cure's track "A Night Like This".  The reconstruction of this track is fun for fans and provides a solid industrial dance beat that people can really love.  Of course the inclusion of a number of samples can't be forgotten with EBM and industrial music.  Even this latter track includes samples, but "Lucid" and "Inside Out" are probably the most prominent in the use of samples as part of the core of the song.  Sometimes these can be vulgar which in my mind is a drawback and a way to ruin an otherwise great track.  However, this entire album contains somewhat disturbing imagery and not for the faint-hearted.

Overall this is a great work in the harsher industrial genre with enough material to attract and entertain the typical fans.
Rating: 3.5/5

North American Label: Metropolis Records
European Label: Out Of Line - www.outofline.de

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