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The year is 1984 and five members form what has become a common name in the EBM scene in Europe - The Fair Sex.  The original band consisted of L'O (guitar), Myk (vocals), Blonder (keyboards) A. Bang (drums) and Rascal (bass/vocals).  With this lineup the band released several successful albums.  This lasted until 1988 when A. Bang died unexpectedly.  They continued with the planned release of Demented Form and then the future of the band became a little "unknown".

After a short period of reorientation, they decided to continue on as a quartet and released Bite Release Bite in 1991.  Over the next several years the band goes through several transitions and reformations as they dedicate time to side projects and finally come back together and begin to play festivals, including Wave Gothik Treffen and many others.

After signing with Endless Records in 2002 they released several albums and MCDs including two "best of" albums Thin Walls - Part I and Thin Walls - Part II.  The band lineup for these latest releases consist of many of the original members and are Myk, Rascal, Blonder, Kulf and additional live crew members Lydia and Lawrence.  This time also marked a collaborative effort with also long-time EBM band The Invincible Spirit formerly known as Invisible Limits.  This collaboration released the joint EP titled The Invincible Sex.

While Van Richter Records had previously released works from this band several years ago, it was almost on cue after this band started to show more activity that the N. American audience was presented with The Dark Ages another great "best of" album presenting some of their best works to date.  And then again in 2006 we're presented with another release from the band on this label featuring past remixes on the album Drop Your Anxiety.  So the band keeps going, possibly leading us on a little with their past releases.  With this long career, this band has come a long way with a lot to show for their success.  Hopefully we'll have another two decades of great work from them in the future.

Drop Your Anxiety - Review

This is the latest work from The Fair Sex, but presents us with tracks dating back over a decade in the form of remixes extracted from past releases including Labyrinth, Spell of Joy and Bite Release Bite The remixes lean toward creating pieces targeted at the club dancefloor that are saturated with EBM, electro-industrial and synthpop bands.  Overall I have a hard time with remix albums and many singles because of the many ways tracks are taken apart and reconstructed falling way short of the original intent.  Once in a while a good remix comes along, especially when you have an entire album to choose from and such is the case with this disc.

If you're familiar with the original tracks and then listen to this album you'll definitely notice the dominant electronic feeling as the harsher guitar riffs are moved back into the background or not present at all.  To start it off is "Alaska (Hookline Assembler)" which is a catchy remix that manages to be rendered electronically in something of a positive way.  "Outraged and Moved (Dub)" is a remix that is a perfect example of how stripped down a track can get with certain remixes and what you end up with is a loop repeated over and over again with just a trance-like dance mix as a result.  This happens on a few tracks on this album, but it's also something that many club DJ's may enjoy that cater to the future pop and electronic bands.

The saving grace to this album include the aforementioned "Alaska" remix along with "Soulspirit" with the excellent guitar work that is included in this piece and the excellent electronic layers.  This piece remains a favorite on this disc due to the way the remix maintains so much of the full song structure of the original without stripping it down into a bunch of mindless trance-like loops.  "Haemetic (Essentials-Compilator)" also manages to capture the essence of the powerful groundwork this band portrays.  Another great addition to the disc is the live version of "Shelter" with that excellent guitar-driven sound that really works with this track and Myk's deep, harsh vocals.

In summary this is a great collector's item with some nice remixes and the live track, but doesn't measure up to the original works from this band.

Rating: 4/5

The Dark Ages - Review

Almost on perfect cue, after reviewing the previous release Thin Walls - Part II and lamenting the limited exposure this band gets, I received the announcement of the North American release of this two-disc anthology release on the Van Richter label. So for those in North America that have been frustrated with the limited availability of releases from this group, now is a perfect opportunity to pick up this awesome release.

For a review of the music on this two-disc set you can pretty much just drop down and read the review of Thin Walls Part - II.  With 17 tracks on that album, it covers most of what this two-disc set covers.  However, there are a few tasty extras on this release that you won't find on the other.  And for the North American audience, this is an awesome alternative with all the great hits and then some great extras.

Minus "Drop of Blood" which is a new favorite of mine from this group, other favorites all appear on the first disc of this release including the wild and fun tracks "Divine Service", "Hanging in Hareyth" and an all-time favorite "The Pain That No One Knows". The second disc is just as loaded with "The House of Unkinds", the popular hit "The Naked And The Dead" and "What The Devil".

The fun classic industrial sound of pounding beats, harsh vocals and layered electronics mixed with a variety of guitars round out the sound of this band and this two-disc set explores all of the facets of these genres.  The album doesn't really explore any of the modern EBM electronic styles, but maintains a solid 90's mixture that provides a great variety for music lovers of the Goth/Industrial genres.

Based on these genres and overall style, the classic tracks presented above are all great and worthy of appearing on both this release and the European "best of" albums.  A few extras grace this release where it's a double-disc set, there's definitely room for more music.  Many listeners will recognize the unlisted track on disc 2 which is a cover of "Children of the Revolution" by T Rex.  Other extras which are average tracks for this band, and not necessarily their best include "Faceless", "Jungle Child" and "Alyens".

Overall this is a great album to pick up.  With two discs and 25 tracks, it's really hard to beat and with it being The Fair Sex, well what more can one say?

Rating: 4.5/5

Thin Walls - Part II - Review - 03/26/05

While many people may be familiar with a few select tracks or releases from The Fair Sex, mainly the hit single "Not Now, Not Here" comes to mind, the exposure of this band in North America has been anything but great.  A few releases on Van Richter Records appeared, but the exposure seemed limited while in Europe this band became a staple in the EBM club scene.  Unfortunately this hasn't really changed much except for the fact that Endless Records continues to promote their releases through a network of different avenues and possible future North American releases by Van Richter will help.

Because of these circumstances, it's great that a release like this comes out to help people that have missed the incredible history from this band catch up on the great music they have released over the years.  The album spans nearly two decades including great hits from 1986 to new versions released in 2002 and 2004.  The music contained shows the incredible use of electronics mixed with guitar and the superb mix of industrial, goth and EBM styles.  "Drop of Blood" (written for the movie Kinder der Nacht 2) kicks off the album and is a perfect example of this incredibly powerful style.

Just with this introductory track the average listener who may or may not be familiar with this band will realize the incredible talent and dynamic musical styles this band presents.  Club pleasers abound on this disc including the moving 2004 previously unreleased version of "The House of Unkinds" and the club classic "Not Now, Not Here", both with fast-paced club-friendly beats and layered electronics and driving guitars with the heavy industrial vocals.

80's electro styles are present throughout as the great classics come out in "The Naked and the Dead" and the driving piece "No Excuse".  These and others bring out the solid analog synths with plenty of pounding beats, guitars and solid vocals.  Just about every track on the album has something of this style present and the most prominent and catchy track that drifts further away from industrial than all others is "The Pain That No-One Knows".  This piece has quickly become a favorite of mine on this album, which is extremely difficult considering the fact that all 17 pieces are great.  The entire album is just one complete homogenous work which comes together so well.  The listener can either pick one or two tracks at whim and enjoy them or listen to the album in it's entirety and be completely captivated.

This is a really great work, a great piece to get started with and catch up on some the of the great early releases from this band.

Rating: 4.5/5

The Invincible Sex - Review - 03/26/05

This split EP between The Fair Sex and The Invincible Spirit is another great way for people to get to know two great bands at once.  This small collaborative work brings a few favorite selections from each band including a couple of joint works.  The EP contains seven tracks that industrial and EBM fans will love.

After the short joint introductory track "The Fair Spirit", The Fair Sex brings two of their excellent club classics to us (also released on Thin Walls - Part II).  The new dark music club anthem "Drop of Blood" is sure to please fans of goth and electro music with pounding beats and the dark vampire theme.  "The Naked and the Dead" is another moving club piece that fans have grown to love since it was originally released in 1987.

The Invincible Spirit bring to us two new exclusive tracks never before released.  This band has always had such a distinct sound including fast-paced tracks with many layered synths and Thomas Ludke's easily recognizable vocals.  On this EP these two tracks, "Deeper" and "Alphasex" stand out and are easily recognized as The Invincible Spirit.  These are also two of the best tracks I've heard from this classic EBM band.  The layers are present as usual and the trademark vocals as well, but the intensity is toned down a notch so that it's easy to sit and listen to on or off the dancefloor.

We're also presented with two tracks from the joint collaboration The Invincible Sex.  These two pieces lean more toward the darker, dynamic styles of The Fair Sex more than The Invincible Spirit while it's evident that both fully participage.  Both vocalists are present and the music is dark and heavy, layered with electronics and a solid industrial/EBM beat.  These two tracks are "Red Glow Horizon" and the slow and heavy piece "Your God In Me".

This is a great EP and great affordable way to become acquainted with both of these legendary acts.

Rating: 4.5/5

North American Label: Van Richter
European Label: Endless Records

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