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Just for introducing me to the band Aenima this label is top-notch in my book.  Now one of my favorite bands to listen to at any time, I'm happy that the people behind this label took the time to realize the beauty in this band. Likewise they've continued to introduce me to other great artists and also pick up releases from existing greats and up-and-coming names in the related ethereal and neo-classical genres.

With that as an intro... it's great to have another fine label releasing great Gothic-related music.  Based in Portugal, this label is setting out to sign new acts and release their great music.  The label was formed in August, 2000 as a distribution company for fine record companies like Cold Meat Industry and Palace of Worms, they later decided to release their own music, with the first release being the digipack MCD for Dwelling in September, 2001 and shortly after they released Aenima's Never Fragile EP.

These early releases got the label off to a good start and since then they have continued to seek out and release new talent and great works. Some of these notable talents include Vittorio Vandelli known for his work with Ataraxia, and later the excellent artists Hexperos (ex-Gothica vocalist) and Poets to their Beloved among others.

As the label continues to broaden their roster and genres covered, we are excited with each new offering they have. We will continue to look forward to what the label has to offer in the future. In the meantime refer to the label's website for updated information and enjoy selections from all of the albums we've reviewed (below) along with other releases from Les Fragments de la Nuit, Aenima and other releases from these and simlar artists.

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Website: www.equilibriummusic.com

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