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Labels around the world are learning how to survive in the independant music scene and here is an example of one with the collaborative spirit which helps to keep them alive.  Along with a bit of luck which includes a good deal with a large distributor which gets their releases, along with licensed items from other labels, into the hands of the big chain stores, it's a great way to promote the great indie bands on their label.

With a huge emphasis on their sales through their online shop at www.shop.endless-records.com, this label is starting to expand and we're seeing more and more releases as a result.  Fans in other parts of the world will recognize the releases from Ground Under Productions and ArtOfFact being licensed and released through this label in Europe through their base in Germany.

Bands on their roster include The Fair Sex, Rotersand, Invincible Spirit, I, Synthesist and others to name just a few.

Watch this space for more information, and hopefully more reviews of label samplers and such.  Readers will already recognize the names mentioned above in reviews and music on the radio shows here.  So we look for much more to come out of this label in the future.

Be sure to visit the label's website and online shop by following the links below.

Website: www.endless-records.de
Online Shop: www.shop.endless-records.de

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