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Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia this band brings us their new and solid Synthpop sound.  Formed by members Graham Jackson and William Winslow-Hansen not too long ago in 2002 they are just now venturing onto the international Synthpop scene.  Soon after this promising start, they were joined by third member, Ian Giesbrecht on live guitars.  After sending out a 9-track demo they signed with A Different Drum where they released two singles and their debut full-length release 128 1/2 Days.  These two singles and album have received excellent reviews and helped to set the stage for what looks to be a promising career. 

Late 2004 was time for their self-released follow-up sophomore album, simply titled Ten Songs.  Leading up to this release was a struggle as the band decided to form their own label for their North American releases and signed with Black Flames Records for European exposure.

On these works we are presented with a solid Synthpop sound which ventures into elements of industrial and 80's new wave.  Fans of the newer Diary of Dreams albums will detect some similarities in intensity, thoughtful lyrics and emotional music combined with solid vocals.  This is not another Techno/Synthpop/Trance crossover, but going back to the roots of this great electronic music, they dig up a solid percussion line including a snare drum in these first releases which adds a lot of depth to their music.  Although I’m sure we’ll hear some drifting into EBM/Synthpop and other modern trends, I think we’ll be pleased to hear a tried and true sound while adding their own unique elements.

This is definitely a group to keep your eye on, especially if you love moving and emotional Synthpop music.

Ten Songs - Review - (02/28/05)

After the preview single Blood Culture, I have been looking forward to this album to see what great music we would be presented.  What we have here is a disc of ten excellent songs, as the name of the album would suggest.  Lasting nearly an hour long, these ten songs are a collection of great new material, showing a very slight change in style for this group.  Rather than mostly electronic-based synthpop music, the style ventures a lot more into guitar-driven rock and new wave, while still maintaining much of the smooth textures of the previous works.

The album as a whole is a great collection of solid tracks.  It all comes together in such a smooth and homogenous fashion of pounding percussion and layered synths and guitars.  The smooth vocals are full of emotion, yet solid and dynamic.  All tracks stand out, yet none really jump out as "hit singles", because the entire album blends so well.  I think that fans of more prominent 80's bands like New Order and The Cure will be more attracted to this album because of all of these solid elements.

"Flowers" kicks off the album with probably the most hard-driving track with the most dynamic percussion throughout.  "Blood Culture" has been redone and re-recorded for this release with a lot more organic elements, less pounding and almost overbearing percussion for a smoother, yet firm sound.  "If" and "Asleep In Your Arms" follow this pattern of fast-paced, driving rhythms and layered guitars and synths.  All of these are stellar tracks that can easily be club or radio hits.

While I'm a fan of great dance-friendly music, the awesome mid-tempo ballads on this disc really penetrate the listener's soul.  "As If Alive" has quickly become a favorite of mine with the smooth pulsing beats and sweet music.  The melancholy vocals and thought-provoking lyrics really add to this track.  Even though these songs tone down the intensity and the pace, the percussion is ever-present, such as in "Everything", a smooth, medium-paced track which builds and flows along with striking beats.

As I listen to this album and think about club tracks, radio tracks or just listening whenever and wherever I'm at, the one thought I have is that the entire album is great.  With not one, but all ten tracks being something enjoyable by fans old and new.

Rating: 4.5/5

128 1/2 Days - Review

After the release of the two excellent singles by this group, anything else is a tough act to follow.  However, the best part about an album of this calliber is that you can sit down and listen to the music flow from one track to another forming a distinct image and progression in the listener's mind.  This album presents the two great singles in their original form along with a huge variety of songs with thirteen tracks total.

The excellent second single "Stay!" kicks it all off with the driving rhythm, solid synths and Graham's moody vocals riding the tidal wave of music.  As we were presented in the singles, the album also gives us a nice variety of dreamy, mid-tempo tracks such as "A Thousand Ghosts" and the slightly more powerful "Broken Kisses".  The underlying threads for each track include the nice baritone vocals and the building percussion.  This combination creates a concrete sound that each track can use as a foundation and common link that ties everything together.

Besides the excellent club tracks that were presented on the singles of "Stay!" and "While We Can", there are other driving tracks along these same lines.  "Face to Face" comes to mind as one of these with the firm, moving beat and building percussion and synths throughout, not to mention the intelligent lyrics.  With these few driving tracks including "Trust?" and "Paint the Sky", the entire album is very dance friendly that any synthpop fan will love.

In addition to these tracks that include Graham on vocals and the solid musical foundation, we're also presented with "Eyes Like Oceans", another dreamy down-tempo track with Larissa Loyva doing guest vocals.  I think the addition of these sweet female vocals is a nice touch to this thoughtful album.  All in all it's another great work.

Rating: 4.5/5

Blood Culture Advanced Promo - Review

I received this advanced promo not too long ago, and was extremely pleased with what we have to look forward to from this group.  Those that listen to the Gothic Paradise Club Mix radio show will no doubt have heard selections from this latest single. I believe the group is in negotiations with different labels for the next release, but I'm sure once this is done we'll see the official release along with another great album.

The title track included here has two mixes.  The first is the original edit last six minutes and full of pounding, bombastic percussion, driving electronics and the solid baritone vocals that I think so many of us have grown to love.  The other version is the radio edit, same mix just trimmed down to just over four minutes, for a radio-friendly cut.  Along with the title track are included two other bonus tracks (not sure if they'll be on the album or not).  The first is titled "Somewhere I've Never Been".  Like the other bonus tracks on previous singles, this slows down the tempo just slightly, but maintains the intense emational nature.  "The Morning After" continues on in this way creating emotionally spellbinding synthpop that fans can really enjoy.

I think this teaser gives us a great outlook for the next album.  I know I'll be looking forward to it.

Rating: 4.5/5

Stay! – Review

Presenting the second single from these awesome newcomers to the Synthpop music scene.  This single follows close on the heels of the very popular and very excellent single While We CanLike the first single, the style is a solid Synthpop sound with a lot of depth presented in the form of a solid snare drifting slightly away from the techno drums and solid baritone vocals that provide a solid foundation.

The title track is included in the form of two remixes and the album version.  This album version is my favorite of the remixes on this disc, although the “Delobbo Chromatic Mix” does put a nice trancey twist on this upbeat track.  “Intuition’s Liquid Mix” is a little on the drum n’ bass side and detracts slightly from the original solid sound into something that almost becomes annoying.  But with a good foundation to build on, it can’t get that bad.

The extra tracks on this single are excellent additions and definitely make this single worth having.  Like the first single, this includes an excellent mid-tempo track that’s a little more laid back and relaxed.  However, it is layered with emotion and a moody flare that slowly builds in intensity reaching a moving climax.  Definitely a treat for those into this more thoughtful music.  Along the same lines is the second extra track “Into The Grey”.  This is another beautifully moody track full of deep emotion, thoughtful lyrics and pulsating music.  This is a definite treat on another great single!

Rating: 4.5/5

While We Can – Review

Wow! That is the best way I can describe this single. If this is any indication of what is to be released on their debut album, I'm very excited for what is to come from this talented group! I knew nothing about them when I got this single in my hands, and now it's been hard to put it down! I usually dislike singles for many reasons, the repetition, often poor remixes and even worse b-side tracks. This single breaks the mold
completely. Of course the normal album version of the title track is there, but it's completely awesome, captivating and really just touches all the great synthpop elements I love. This track goes back into the more solid rock-oriented synthpop of the 80's and 90's leaving the techno beat behind with a solid snare added for more depth. The synth loops and bass combined with the melodic vocals and backgrounds just create an all-around great track. Speaking of the vocals, that's the solid backbone of the music, along the lines of the deeper Adrian Hates and Torben Wendt vocals of Diary of Dreams and Diorama, they help bring out the emotional intensity.

Along with the album version, we're presented with remixes by two of the best new synthpop artists I've heard in a while, Syrian and Virtual Server. Their remixes definitely follow the style of these artists, yet they are similar enough to the original Droom style that they don't detract and rather build upon an already excellent sound. The two b-side tracks "Slowdance" and "Dis-Integrate" are lacking nothing in the raw emotional intensity in the music and vocals. I can't wait for the album! But this single is definitely worth picking up if for nothing else than the remixes and b-side tracks!

Rating: 5/5

Website: www.droom-music.com
Label: A Different Drum

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