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Based out of Austin, Texas this diverse and young label started just a few years ago in 2001.  As a young label, the founders behind it all have taken a look at the digital age, the excellent diverse music and decided to put it all together and start releasing music.  Their first release was in 2001 for the Alpha Conspiracy album Cipher.  Since then, they have released works by artists like Low Technicians and one of my favorite synthpop groups Iris.

Like many young labels, they continue to seek out new and great talent.  Hopefully we will be able to see some great young artists emerge onto the scene through the work of these talent-seeking individuals.  Only time will tell as they continue to promote their existing artists and sign new musicians.  They are not locked into any single genre of music, but as their name suggests, hopes to cross boundaries and lines to release great music of all kinds.

Also like many other small and young labels, they have a commendable philosophy unlike those of the RIAA labels.  With a pro-filesharing stance, they realize the great benefits that modern technology has in helping to spread the word about these young artists that otherwise would not get near the promotion and recognition they deserve.  I think they work and philosophy behind this label is very optimistic and commendable.  I’m sure I speak for many when I wish them the best of luck and hope that readers and listeners will support the artists that this label helps to release.

Website: www.diffusionrecords.com

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