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img Decoded Feedback was formed in 1993 by Marco Biagiotti (vocals, lyrics, samples, sequences, bass and drums) and Yone Dudas (keyboards, sequences, arrangement, bass and drums). Their music is unique because they bring two distinct styles together from Canada and Italy. They first started making music which combined the spirit of punk with electronic music, but quickly evolved into the Electro-Industrial music they are known for now. During a time their sound was a little less harsh, and more melodic in many ways while staying with their electro-industrial roots, but with their latest releases, they have added a new level of intensity and harshness to it all.

They have a successful history spanning their first release of Overdosing in 1996 by Cleopatra Records in the United States to their latest smashing album Dark Passenger in 2016. This first release was a collection of their first self-released demos. Soon after this they signed with the prominent European label Zoth Ommog where they released Technophoby, Bio-Vital and EVOLution. After that they changed labels in Europe and signed with Bloodline Records to release Mechanical Horizon. They also signed and released several of these albums in the United States with Metropolis Records. They continue to be signed with Metropolis for their USA releases, but have signed with Out Of Line and later Dependent for their European releases. However, a special treat of the re-release of Overdosing also came to us through the European electronic label Dying Culture. This album was re-released by popular demand from European fans because it was never released there when it first came out.

The band continues to release new albums with the intensity of their early work, yet melodic and very danceable like their later work. Be sure to check out selections on Gothic Paradise radio.

Dark Passenger - Review

It has been a long time waiting for this latest work from this legendary electro-industrial act. Dark Passenger Yone and Marco took a few years to work on side projects during this time but finally reunited to create this latest work. This album is a great collection of music with the deluxe version spanning twenty all orginal tracks.

As a huge fan of this band over the years with definite favorite tracks spanning nearly all of their discography, it was a great treat to have this delux release with so many new tracks to enjoy. As I listened I was immediately pleased to hear much of the melodic heavy electronic music with a slight industrial edge gracing most of the selections on this album. I've definitely picked out some favorites that have enjoyed many hours in rotation on our radio show. The album starts off with the title track as a great start with the heavy beats and pulsating synths creating a dark atmosphere that permeates much of the album. "Waiting For The Storm" comes in next and is the first single off of the album and also has a video to go along with it. The dark and brooding atmosphere is strong on "A Lonely Place" which hearkens back to the harsher industrial elements we really love from this project with the powerful mid-tempo beat and heavily pulsating synths. As the album moves along across the twenty tracks a few more gems like this stand out including pieces like "Dead Inside" and "Falling Down". But overall the listener kind of gets lost among the driving beats and homogenous sound of one piece after the other. While none of the selections are necessarily bad (though I was never a fan of The Normal's "Warm Leatherette", so including their cover of it here didn't win any points), the constant pounding beat and driving, heavily layered electronics don't vary much throughout much of the album.

So there you have it in a nutshell. A huge selection of tracks where we find a few gems, though much of it gets lost in the homogenous mix of twenty very similar pieces. As a fan it's great to have the few that do stand out and even the album overall is a great addition to our collection.

Rating: 4/5

disKonnekt - Review

After a couple of years since their last release, we're now presented with this excellent new work. img Featuring a dozen excellent tracks ranging from the aggressive, harsh to the more melodic and even somewhat down-tempo pieces. The album comes packaged with a booklet containing artwork, lyrics and other info from the band that helps to bring more meaning to the overall work.

From the moment this album starts we are presented with the solid, tried and true style and sound from this duo. The first track is presented with thought-provoking lyrics in the form of "Another Loss", moving along with a solid, heavy beat and layers of various electronics and grinding guitars. The dark and brooding, pulsating electronics create the back-drop for piece after piece as we move through the album. Tracks vary slightly in intensity and style as the album moves along and there are some definitely favorites, sometimes depending on the listener's mood or situation.

Favorites inlcude the aforementioned emotional piece "Another Loss" as well as several others with similar intensity and emotion. "Heart of Stone" follows suit in much the same way though with a much slower mid-tempo rhythm though lacking nothing in intense, dripping feelings and emotion. A definite favorite on this album is "Blood Red Moon" which follows directly after. This piece is in my opinion the epitome of what Decoded Feedback is made of, a hard and heavy, steady and moving beat for a dance-friendly piece under layers of electronic loops, creating a brooding and heavy atmosphere perfect for the deep, angst-ridden vocals. Later on in the album another excellent piece sporting a different tone and atmosphere is presented in "I'm The Night". This piece brings out feelings of a horror movie with the introductory spoken word from a child "Mommy, I'm scared" and "Daddy, I'm scared". This intro is perfect for this selection as it comes together as another solid, dark-electro, dance-friendly piece. As the album starts to wrap up, it closes with a couple of fairly down-tempo pieces in "The Devil You Know" with it's brooding, slow beat and grinding guitar and then closing with "Blade Runner Tribute" which is mostly a dark, downtempo instrumental with spoken samples from the movie for a perfect closing to this excellent album.

Other tracks not mentioned are still great and for those seeking something more along the lines of thrill-seeker pieces with high adrenaline, there are several along these lines to get your blood pumping such as "NightTerror", the instrumental "Dark Odyssey", "Mescaline" and "Soultaker". Of these I really enjoy "NightTerror" while the breakbeats and aggro-style on "Soultaker" make it a least favorite and agitating. Though overall it's a great album and I highly recommend it for dark-electro music fans.

Rating: 4.5/5

Aftermath - Review

It's been a fairly long wait since the last release from this electro-industrial project, but it seems that the time has been well spent as we're finally presented with ten powerful new tracks. img Over the years this band has outshone so many in the over-saturated electro-industrial genre with their powerful music and harsh vocals, but notably absent the gasoline gargling vocals that very few can truly do well. This album continues on this tradition perfectly, keeping them easily in the forefront as one of the leading bands in this genre.

The album starts off in perfect form with "Silent Killer" which has quickly becom a favorite on this album. With a scream to kick it off, the heavy industrial music undulates as layer upon layer of electronics come to life to move the music along carrying the somewhat harsh, yet still almost melodic vocals. This combination of harshness-meets-melodic without giving into the oft-used female fronted vocals to take off the edge makes this track as well as this band in general quite unique and powerful. "Eternity Falls" continues on almost reversing the roles of vocals and electronics, this time the music becomes more melodic, remaining hypnotic with synth loops, but minus much of the edge, while the vocals are a bit harsher with lots of reverb and echo added for another great masterpiece.

As the album moves along we are treated with several favorites, though not many really stand out as the overall album is really quite excellent. Listeners of the Gothic Paradise Club Mix radio show will quickly pick up on these favorites as those featured and always highly rated by our listeners. "Affliction" is one of these that moves along very well with a solid electronic music base while the vocals remain somewhat harsh, all forming a sort of hypnotic industrial onslaught. Along these same lines "Dark Reflections" has become a definite favorite with a mix of smooth electro-pop with a very heavy edge, some great samples and the stellar, easily recognizable vocals. "Proteus Syndrome" brings out the harsh edge with the grinding guitars that we were treated with so well on Shockwave, the vocals are a bit harsher as well to match.

Besides the already noted diversity of these favorite pieces, we get some good diversity on others as well. As always we get a little bit of experimental tendencies, this time it's in the form of a hypnotic piece with samples that are reminiscent of any one of several movies based on the futuristic, communistic mind-control theme with the words "Unity, Equality, Creativity and Freedom". This provides a sort of intermission before the finale to the album "Demons" which is another favorite sporting the solid style that is defined as Decoded Feedback.

Rating: 4.5/5

Combustion - Review

After Shockwave, which was easily one of the best albums of 2003 with catchy tracks that were extremely hard to put down, any subsequent work really has to measure up to impress. img While this album may not be album-of-the-year for 2005, it still packs a great punch for electro-industrial fans that is still on the way to becoming stand-out work in the genre.

The hard-hitting sounds come right at the listener from the very first onslaught of the title track "Combustion". If you can understand or take a look at the lyrics though, they might be a bit hard to swallow in some cases between this and "Slut-Trash" which is almost self-explanatory. But once you get past these two pieces the rest of the album is something to treasure.

The absolute hit in my opinion on this disc is "Monument". You just can't go wrong with the slow, steady pounding beat and catchy, heavy loops on this track. Much like "Democracy" from their previous work, it's hypnotic, edgy and just something that will really hold the listener captivated. Besides this heavy, slow-moving piece, most of the album is full of fast-paced, dance-friendly heavy industrial. "2Faces" kicks off quickly after "Comustion" to be another favorite and I can't forget the forceful elements behind "Supernova" which has also quickly become a favorite. Like previous works, there just has to be an experimental instrumental piece. While "Psy-Storm" doesn't measure up to the fun intensity of "Burn, Europe Burn", it does measure up to it's name with a barrage of psychadelic industrial instrumental music layered with an onslaught of samples.

The duo pays tribute to one of the greats in the industrial scene by covering "Sacrilege" originally written and performed by Mentallo and the Fixer. They do a good job on the cover while maintaining their own unique heavy sound. They also add a couple of extra little treats in the form of a remix version of "Birth of a Nation" with the "rebirth mix". And finally there's a video clip of "Hyberia", another instrumental track. The video is much like the song, no lyrics and vocals and not much to the video besides a sort of abstract trip. It's nice eye candy, but very generic and abstract.

So there you have it. Summed up in a nutshell it's another great work from this band with plenty of edge and not for the light-hearted.

Rating: 4/5

Shockwave - Review

After a couple of years since their last work fans are presented with possibly the best album yet by this excellent Industrial duo. Turning up the intensity another notch and adding an aggro-Industrial feeling to it all they present us with Shockwave. imgThis album is probably the best Industrial album released over the past year.

From beginning to end and including a special treat in the form of a video of "Phoenix" on this disc, the intensity never fades, the melodic synths and driving beat never falters as the music and message is pounded home with bombastic distorted beats. "Phoenix" starts off this excellent work with grinding guitar riffs and melodic synths blended together for an excellent driving sound which could easily become a club classic. The angry, distorted vocals resonate just enough to blend well and not be overbearing and doesn't overshadow the excellent music.

Besides this stellar opening track, there are two others on this album that have fast become 3 of my all-time favorite industrial dance tracks. "Heaven" is next on this album that I can't stop listening to over and over again. The distortion is taken away from the vocals as they resonate deeply and fully with the excellent music that brings it down to more of a Synthpop/EBM crossover track, yet still keeping much of the intensity as the other more Industrial-sounding material on this album. And the other special treat and favorite of mine is the power-noise influenced "Burn Europe Burn". Only containing samples and no vocals, this instrumental could easily become a classic club track ranking alongside "Stukas Im Visier" by Feindflug and others. The excellent distorted percussion is the driving force with slowly building synth loops just adding enough to really make it interesting.

Well, with those 3 masterpieces aside, there is still a ton of great material on this album. A few tracks get a little bit repetative with few lyrics in "Bondage" and "The Fruit of Wisdom" probably being the most repetative. However, this one small thing aside, the rest is just great fun to listen to at almost any time. But the best times are when you can relate to the energy and power that flows from the music. And of course, I can't leave this review without commenting on the interesting cover of The Swans' "Love Will Save You". I'm a fan of The Swans and love this song, but this rendition is great fun.

Overall a stellar album. I have no problem giving this an almost perfect rating. The music is great, the vocals are nice and not overpowering and it all comes together well produced and mixed.

Rating: 4.5/5

Website: www.decodedfeedback.com
European Label: Dependent
USA Label: Metropolis Records

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