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Hailing from Rome, Italy, this label brings to us some of the great music from that part of the world as well as picking up a few artists from around the globe.  The label has been around in one form or another as early as just before the start of the new millenium in 1998 with one of their first releases also being the debut album from Pulcher Femina in the form of the powerful disc Fallen Angel and even before that releasing the works from Miriam.  Other bands on the roster include Re/Move, Axoe and Siva Six to name just a few that most will be familiar with.  The label's website is the best source for an updated artist roster and best place to find samples of what is available and upcoming.

With the nice selection of artists and releases this label has brought to us so far, it's exciting to see them continue to search out and find new bands to add.  It's also great to hear news of their existing artists continuing to work hard and release new music.  Watch this space and check out the label's page for continued updates and new reviews as they become available.

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Website: www.decadancerecords.it

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