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This remarkable label has been a staple in the dark music scene for quite a few years.  The label was established in 1987 and has grown and remained this constant force in this music scene throughout all of these years.  Hailing from Sweden, the label has mainly concentrated on releasing promising acts from the other Scandinavian countries, but has released many acts from all over Europe and other parts of the world.

Just the name Cold Meat Industry evokes images of and thoughts of music spanning dark wave, ethereal, neo-classical, medieval, industrial, dark ambient, experimental and noise.  Prominent bands have had their releases on this label throughout the years, many of which are very well-known throughout the entire world.  Names like Ataraxia, Arcana, Sophia, Brighter Death Now, Coph Nia, The Protagonist, Sanctum, Nova, Gothica and Deutsch Nepal are just a few that have had releases on this label.  Many of these bands and others have had their releases featured here in the past on Gothic Paradise and have been very noteworthy and highly recommended.

This label continues to grow and prosper with a promising future based on a well-founded base and exceptional past.  Having signed new artists recently and continuing to release new material, the label and the individual artists continue to reach for new goals and new depths in the music world.

While fans can always hear selections from this label's many talented artists, listeners and readers should visit the label's website often for the latest updates, tour info, news, sound clips and further information.

Flowers Made of Snow - Review - 04/09/05

Every so often a label will come along that really makes an impression on an audience and entire subculture music scene.  This has been the case with Cold Meat Industry for quite some time.  It's also nice that labels like these will put out an excellent collection of their recently released, new and upcoming talent for the masses to hear.  This is a great opportunity for people to be able to sample and hear the latest from this label.

The material included on this two disc set is combined onto one of the best compilations I've heard in quite some time.  The first disc takes the listener through the somewhat more accessible ethereal, folk and gothic releases while the second disc is a journey through experimental dark ambient soundscapes.  It's really great to hear many of these bands that I've been enjoying for so many years.  It's also nice to hear some great new bands presenting some really breathtaking selections on this disc.

Disc 1:

Coph Nia starts of this first disc with "The Oath" and his signature dark soundscapes providing a dreary background to his deep spoken word.  Sometimes laced with a bit of humor or sarcasm, but always with deep thoughtful moments.  The selections are put together well as we drift on to the bombastic soundtrack style of The Protagonist and "The Sick Rose", which after the spoken word moves on to something that seems to come right out of a battle scene from one of the great soundtracks like Lord of the Rings.  Along this same style of spoken word and ambient soundscapes is In Slaughter Natives and their eerie piece "The Vulture".  The splendid mix of eerie deep whispered vocals with dreamy opera-like soprano layered over the top is almost other-worldly.

Olen'k starts off the transition into the world of folk, medieval and ethereal soundscapes which last through the selections presented by the excellent new group All My Faith Lost, the Last Hour from ex-Gothica member Roberto Del Vecchio.  Each of these is a sort of dream-like venture through the beautiful music and vocals, whether soft lilting angelic or smooth male vocals.  But it doesn't stop with just these few selected tracks but continues on with selections from Apatheia with their folk style and Ataraxia with a style that is as varied and unique as can be within this genre.  Ordo Rosarius Equlibrio continues to surprise us with their equally unique dark style and the inclusion of "Yesterday brings but a Serpent of Ash".  Hesperos is the new project of ex-Gothica member Alessandra Santovito and equally as stunning.  Sibelian presents a unique and poetic spoken word piece that drifts off into traditional music and vocals.  Sanctum wraps up this disc with their selection "Lie-low".  This is the only selection that stands out in genre and style, but that is typical of Sanctum as they are so varied in style, intensity and tempo within any one album.

Disc 2:

After the beauty and relatively smooth and accessible sound of the first disc, this second disc takes the listener off into a wild world of experimental elements varying from dark ambient to harsh noise.  Desiderii Marginis kicks it off with nice ambient soundscapes and gradually drifts off to a similar style from Raison D'Etre and their subtle ambient style.  Atrium Carceri starts the trip into the more experimental realm and MZ 412 goes full-bore into the driving industrial noise realm.  Brighter Death Now and I.R.M. continue this harsher style through distortion and stark elements.  Deutsch Nepal usually needs no introduction and the selection presented here is right in line with their typical dark ambient experimental tapestries on "Of Parasites and Disguises".

The final four tracks continue on in this dark experimental nature with selections from Nacht, Beyond Sensory Experience, Sephiroth and Skin Area.  Totalling eleven tracks and over 60 minutes, this is any dark ambient lover's dream.

This two-disc set is an awesome introduction to this label and their latest releases.  I highly recommend this to any fan of these genres of music, whether old or new, acquainted or not.

Rating: 4.5/5

Website: www.coldmeat.se

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