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2013 was a rough year in many ways, but it still turned out to be great for good music. As always, it was hard to keep up with it all with so many independent artists and labels that seem to come and go now faster than ever, and we really didn't even scratch the surface of so many releases that were available. But we try to keep up with the best music we can find the best we can. We do continually get great music from the many wonderful labels and independent artists.

We had some ups and downs this year with some of the news we received. We suffered some major setbacks with a hard drive crash, luckily we had most of our music, website source and data backed up, however we did lose some music and data and we're still rebuilding to some extent, so things have been a little slow. We also received the sad news that Hungry Lucy has split up and also just after discovering Phosphor, a few months later we received word that they are now split as well. To counteract the sad news, we were also introduced to many great new groups and even labels, some that have just gotten started and others that have been around for years and just hidden and obscure on the other side of the world. These noteworthy artists include Purple Fog Side, Cinderfall, Phosphor and Them Are Us Too just to name a few. Some of the toughest choices include sitting down and deciding who had the "best" releases of the year, in reality, any reviews we do here are the best that we've picked up. We sift through dozens of submissions each week and listen for hours on end to the albums and submissions we receive over and over again. It's a lot of fun discovering great new music and always enjoyable to hear the great artists we've grown to love release their follow-up albums year after year.

Our focus on our two radio shows remains strong and they have been doing great again this year as we continue going strong bringing only the best music to our listeners. For most of the year we were sitting at #3 and #4 out of hundreds of shows on Live365. We look forward to another great year on the radio. Download the latest live365 app and listen to our radio show on the go on your iPhone, Android, iPod or other wifi or wireless enabled devices.

Best Releases of 2013

Finally we get to the content that our readers and listeners are really interested in. Following is a list of some of the best releases out of hundreds that have been released throughout the year. As stated above, making these decisions were tough and putting them in any order even harder. Some of these will appear on other lists throughout the world, some lists are based on sales, some are just subjective opinion, etc. We use a combination of the above, but all in all it's just a judgement call based on quality, talent, creativity and saturation in the market. Here they are, hopefully your favorites for the year are listed here as well:

SPC ECO - Sirens and Satellites SPC ECO - Sirens and Satellites 2013 was a big year for this father-daughter duo with the release of their Push EP to kick off the year followed by their two singles from this album Delusional Waste and Fallen Stars and culminating with this release. All of this music was great and caught on fire with our listeners as each track was always highly rated on our radio shows appearing several times in our top 10 throughout the year. This album's breadth and depth and shear amount of great music included was definitely one of the best of the year.
Mellonta Tauta - Rainbow Melodies Mellonta Tauta - Rainbow Melodies Speaking of big years, this band first surfaced two decades ago amongst the dawn of the heavenly voices of the 90's. Now, twenty years later we finally have their latest album and this one is great. The music is so dynamic, especially Karina's diverse vocals from the giddy, girlish to the sultry and soft. Coming back strong and really making a name for themselves, it was a great pleasure to have this album this year.
img Bella Lune - Secrets Releasing their third album this year, this band continues to grow and define their styles and showcase their talents with another great work. They managed to put together a few stunning tracks that really carry the album and were immediately appearing in our radio top 10 lists. This excellent work goes down as one of the best this year and we look forward to many more.
img Project Pitchfork - Black Project Pitchfork kicked off 2013 with the release of this great album. This band just never seems to slow down, still retaining their inner strength and youth to drive their creativity for each great new release. The powerful and captivating track "Rain" is easily a new all-time favorite here on Gothic Paradise amongst us and our readers and listeners. That track as well as this album is a great addition to our collection and one of the best releases of the year.
Syrian - Death of a Sun Syrian - Death of a Sun This Italian duo has been going strong in the synthpop scene now for many years and each new album has seen this band progress and release something more dynamic, diverse and powerful each time. This release shows them to continue to grow and progress with an excellent release as they go back to the heavy inclusion of analog synths for an old take on new music for an excellent work.
The Exploding Boy - Four The Exploding Boy - Four This is another band that we've been following for a few years with the release of their The Black Album containing so many catchy tracks, it was great to hear of the release of this new album this year. They continue to build on their foundation of 80's post-punk, yet creating and maintaining their own signature sound. This was also a great year for them as they were signed to Drakkar Entertainment and license in N. America for release through ArtOfFact Records.
System Syn - No Sky To Fall System Syn - No Sky To Fall As we hear more and more of our favorite artists calling it quits or splitting up, we were beginning to wonder about the fate of this project from Clint Carney, so it was great news to hear of this new release. As with all of his releases, this great album comes together with powerful synths and emotionally charged vocals and lyrics for another memorable work that really stands out among all the rest from this year.
Cinderfall - In Memoriam Cinderfall - In Memoriam While technically this album wasn't released this year, we were first introduced to them through the excellent compilation Wicked Trax with their song "Dance of the Dead". This piece has quickly become a favorite and so we picked up the album and recently gave it a review. So we'll adopt them as a 2013 release and call it one of the best we've heard this year.
Purple Fog Side - Reality AwaitsPurple Fog Side - Reality Awaits Even though this band has been around for several years, we were just introduced to them this year with their 2013 release. This album portrays the excellent style of electronically infused goth and ethereal sounds with emotionally charged music, lyrics and vocals.
Ludovico Technique - We Came To Wreck Everything Ludovico Technique - We Came To Wreck Everything While the original album from this band got lost amidst the onslaught of similar artists that produce pounding EBM music with harsh, distorted vocals, this remix album really stood out. The huge variety of vocals and dynamic music compositions and styles makes this a fun and powerful album to enjoy.

Best Newcomer of 2013

Them Are Us Too - We were introduced to so many great new bands this year, it was nearly impossible to choose the best. However, with their self-titled debut album, we were really pleased to be introduced to this band and hope for a bright future and many more to come.

Radio Top 10 of 2013

What we have here are the best rated tracks of all of those broadcasted throughout the year that were released or at least new to Gothic Paradise within the past year (and late 2012). These are the top 10 out of literally hundreds of selections we've aired that were released during that time. Each week we calculate and post the top 10 for the week and from each of these we've tallied up the best for the year.

Club Radio Best of 2013
  1. SPC ECO - Delusional Waste - Sirens and Satellites
  2. Project Pitchfork - Rain - Black
  3. Cinderfall - Dance of the Dead - In Memoriam
  4. Purple Fog Side - Fairytale - Reality Awaits
  5. Ludovico Technique - Wired for Destruction (God Module) - We Came To Wreck Everything
  6. Mental Discipline - WDYWFM (Assemblage 23 Remix) - Fall 2 Pieces
  7. System Syn - Breathe In - No Sky To Fall
  8. Fetish'ist - Cyber Female - Synthematika Four
  9. The Exploding Boy - Runaways - Four
  10. SPC ECO - Push - Push EP
Ethereal Radio Best of 2013
  1. Dead Can Dance - Return of the She-King - Anastasis
  2. SPC ECO - Found - Sirens and Satellites
  3. Bella Lune - Utopian Dream - Secrets
  4. Mellonta Tauta - Love is Happiness - Rainbow Melodies
  5. Alison Moyet - Love Reign Supreme - The Minutes
  6. Phosphor - Dark of Summer - Youth & Immortality
  7. Pavla Mikulasova - Respirare - Respirare
  8. Them Are Us Too - Us Now - T.A.U.T.
  9. Love Is Colder Than Death - Sinfonia of the Moon - Tempest
  10. Bella Lune - Hollow Hearts - Secrets

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