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We continue to go strong this year as we look back to 2014 in our short year in review. There were ups and downs as always as the musical landscape continues to change as Spotify, Pandora, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Youtube seem to be the source of music that people are listening to so they can hear what they want on demand while streaming. Yet our radio shows continue to remain strong with solid listening hours and out of the many available in the related goth/industrial genres on Live365, we continue to be ranked #3 and #4 with a brief stint at #2 for our club mix. With mobile phones, tablets and other wireless devices, it's now easier than ever to listen to our radio show no matter where you are, so be sure and find the live365 app and set our radio shows as your favorites and listen. There was so much great music released, again it was hard to keep up with it all but we managed to introduce tons of great new music to our listeners through our radio shows. Out of the many submissions and releases we also featured and reviewed many albums, the best of which are presented here. Again, we really didn't even scratch the surface of so many releases that were available, but we really enjoyed that which we did find and share.

It was a great year in music in our favorite genres. There were so many new releases from our favorite bands that have been going strong for so many years. It's great that these bands continue to remain active as we love to hear new material from them whenever it is released. We were also introduced to some great new artists this year, again some have been around a while and just unknown to us until now, but they were great discoveries. Definite highlights include Mr. Kitty, Mercury's Antennae and several others.

In addition to the great new releases, there were several bands touring and while we didn't see hardly any of them it's worth noting bands like Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly touring together. We were able to catch a few shows, including a memorable night to see The Naked and Famous play to a huge stadium alongside Imagine Dragons which was a killer show. However, the greatest highlight was when Xandria came through town on their first ever North American tour. We were able to spend some great time with some of the members of the band for an interview and talk about the past and future and then we enjoyed an awesome live performance that night.

Thank you to everyone for reading, sharing and listening and for all the positive feedback that we receive from all over the world. We hope that we're able to introduce you to some great new music that you can enjoy and help these wonderfully talented artists get the word out about their great music. We look forward to another great year in 2015.

Best Releases of 2014

Finally we get to the content that our readers and listeners are really interested in. Following is a list of some of the best releases out of hundreds that have been released throughout the year. As stated above, making these decisions were tough and putting them in any order even harder. Some of these will appear on other lists throughout the world, some lists are based on sales, some are just subjective opinion, etc. We use a combination of the above, but all in all it's just a judgement call based on quality, talent, creativity and saturation in the market. Here they are, hopefully your favorites for the year are listed here as well:

Xandria - Sacrificium Xandria - Sacrificium 2014 was a big year for this band with the release of their new album and first ever North American tour with Delain and Sonata Arctica. This album is the epitome of what symphonic metal with just a touch of goth should sound like. The band has done a great job after a rough patch going through several vocalists and we hope that Dianne sticks around for a while and we get many more great albums like this one.
Mr Kitty - Time Mr Kitty - Time We were introduced to this great dark, brooding synthpop project this year with the album Life which we could have easily featured as a best album of the year as well since we were just introduced to it this year. However, we also were treated with another great album in the form of Time which has easily become a favorite here with us and our listeners.
Mental Discipline - Butterfly Mental Discipline - Butterfly After just becoming acquainted with this project with their previous EP Fall 2 Pieces, we were presented with this excellent follow-up EP in anticipation of their next full-length album. While just five tracks, it is packed with great music, each selection becoming a new favorite and classic electro-pop masterpiece for our collection.
Chandeen - Forever and Ever Chandeen - Forever and Ever In the realm of dream-pop music, this band has really established a name for themselves. While Harald has been releasing music under this band for more than a couple of decades, the current incarnation of the band has been going strong since 2007 and this is another great addition to their string of excellent dreamy releases. This album stands out with it's stellar sound spanning the haunting, dreamy ambient soundscapes to the happy, upbeat 80's new wave sound on "The Wild Unknown".
The Foreign Resort - New Frontiers The Foreign Resort - New Frontiers This band just keeps getting better with each new release. Their excellent mix of new wave and driving shoegaze music as a back-drop to the emotionally charged vocals is perfect for this style. They've really found their strength on this album spanning nine excellent selections that have stood out as some of the best collectively for the year.
Friends of Alice Ivy - The Golden Cage and its Mirrored Maze Friends of Alice Ivy - The Golden Cage and its Mirrored Maze After the two previous short EP releases, we are finally treated with an excellent full-length album this year. With eight tracks and just under an hour in length, the band expands their horizons slightly with this other-worldly ethereal release. With this album it's not just a compilation of previous singles or EP releases, but is composed of all brand-new material that comes together as a whole to form a fantastic body of work.
The Birthday Massacre - Superstition The Birthday Massacre - Superstition I'm not sure how one band can have so much creativity to release album after album of new, stellar music that just never gets old. This band pulls it off so great with another great new album released toward the end of the year. Of course the band was busy touring and playing live shows right along the same time as the release as they just never slow down. With this much energy and talent it's great to have so much great music from them and this is another great addition.
The Lost Patrol - Chasing Shadows The Lost Patrol - Chasing Shadows Maintaining their busy schedule, these New Yorkers continue to churn out great new music. This latest album captures once again the essence of this band's style of gothabilly sounds with a soft ethereal, yet jazzy touch. We have a great collection of music across nine tracks for fans to enjoy and selections have been in the top 10 on our radio shows nearly all year.
Mercury's Antennae - A Waking Ghost Inside Mercury's Antennae - A Waking Ghost Inside From the first moment I heard teaser tracks from this band, I knew I was hooked. I've been a fan of the Dru's related projects for years and the ethereal shoegaze styles similar to Love Spirals Downwards really makes the music shine on this album. The highlights on this album leave the listener breathless and the album as a whole stands out as a new classic in the genre.
Principe Valiente - Choirs of Blessed Youth Principe Valiente - Choirs of Blessed Youth Here's another band that brings to us another flavor of shoegaze and post-punk for another great album released earlier this year. While including some of their teaser singles previously released, it also features a lot of great new material for a stellar full album that listeners have really enjoyed.

Best Newcomer of 2014

Gild The Mourn - We were introduced to so many great new bands this year, it was nearly impossible to choose the best. While this band doesn't have an official album yet, they've released four individual spellbinding tracks that stand so well on their own I just have to introduce them as the best newcomer of the year. We really look forward to what this group will be able to bring in the future.

Radio Top 10 of 2014

What we have here are the best rated tracks of all of those broadcasted throughout the year that were released or at least new to Gothic Paradise within the past year (and late 2013). These are the top 10 out of literally hundreds of selections we've aired that were released during that time. Each week we calculate and post the top 10 for the week and from each of these we've tallied up the best for the year.

Club Radio Best of 2014
  1. Star Industry - Kids - Matrix Downloaded 002
  2. Psy'Aviah - Our Common Future - Future Past
  3. The Lost Patrol - Too Hard Too Fast - Chasing Shadows
  4. Seabound - Everything - Speak In Storms
  5. VNV Nation - Everything - Transnational
  6. Mr Kitty - Sacrifice - Life
  7. Mental Discipline - Until The End - Butterfly
  8. Xandria - Nightfall - Sacrificium
  9. The Naked and Famous - Hearts Like Ours - In Rolling Waves
  10. Marsheaux - Self Control - Inhale
Ethereal Radio Best of 2014
  1. Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks - The Parting Glass - The Oracle
  2. SPC ECO - Fallen Stars - Sirens and Satellites
  3. Mercury's Antennae - City of Moving Clouds - A Waking Ghost Inside
  4. The Lost Patrol - If I Could - Chasing Shadows
  5. Gild The Mourn - Who Is In My Temple - Who Is In My Temple
  6. Mellonta Tauta - Love is Happiness - Rainbow Melodies
  7. Lisa Cuthbert - Madame's Secret Pain - Paramour
  8. An Danzza - La Eterna Primavera - Last Autumn Tears
  9. Them Are Us Too - Marilyn - T.A.U.T.
  10. Friends of Alice Ivy - Miranda - The Golden Cage and It's Mirrored Maze

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