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We continue to go strong this year as we look back to 2015 in our short year in review. There were ups and downs as always as the musical landscape continues to change as Spotify, Pandora, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Youtube seem to be the source of music that people are listening to so they can hear what they want on demand while streaming. Yet our radio shows remained strong with solid listening hours and out of the many available in the related goth/industrial genres on Live365, we continue to be ranked #2 and #3. However, we ended 2015 on a sad note with news from Live365 and the Royalty Board's ruling on small radio shows. In a couple of weeks we will find ourselves without a broadcasting home though we are still looking. We hope to continue with some option, though most we have seen are prohibitively expensive for a website like ours that does this without advertising or other income. We'll see what the future holds. For now we will continue with Live365 until they shut down and then we'll let you know where we move to.

It was a great year in music in our favorite genres. There were so many new releases from our favorite bands that have been going strong for so many years. It's great that these bands continue to remain active as we love to hear new material from them whenever it is released. Some great highlights for the year included Beborn Beton's release this year and we saw VNV Nation achieve a major milestone with their classical orchestra / symphonic album Resonance and a another great release was Music Complete from New Order. We were also introduced to some great new artists this year, again some have been around a while and just unknown to us until now, but they were great discoveries. Definite highlights include Lyronian, Intent:Outtake, Lights That Change and several others. Again it was hard to keep up with all the great music release but we managed to introduce tons of great new music to our listeners through our radio shows. Out of the many submissions and releases we also featured and reviewed many albums, the best of which are presented here. Again, we really didn't even scratch the surface of so many releases that were available, but we really enjoyed that which we did find and share.

Thank you to everyone for reading, sharing and listening and for all the positive feedback that we receive from all over the world. We hope that we're able to introduce you to some great new music that you can enjoy and help these wonderfully talented artists get the word out about their great music. We look forward to another great year in 2016.

Best Releases of 2015

Following is a list of some of the best releases out of hundreds that have been released throughout the year. As stated above, making these decisions were tough and putting them in any order even harder. Some of these will appear on other lists throughout the world, some lists are based on sales, some are just subjective opinion, etc. We use a combination of the above, but all in all it's just a judgement call based on quality, talent, creativity and saturation in the market. Here they are, hopefully your favorites for the year are listed here as well:

Marsheaux - Inhale Marsheaux - Inhale - This album was introduced to us late in 2014 and managed to have a track featured on our best of 2014 radio. However, throughout the entire year on our Club Mix radio show we've had several tracks sit in our top 10. Since we didn't have a chance feature them last year, it's with great pleasure that we introduce them as one of our best albums enjoyed here on Gothic Paradise throughout all of 2015.
Xandria - Fire & Ashes Xandria - Fire & Ashes - After a huge year in 2014 it was great to have this band come back with this short EP featuring some great new material. While that new material was a definite highlight for the year for us, it was also a real treat to have their cover of Meatloaf's "I Would Do Anything For Love" classic metal track done in pure Xandria style. We were also treated with new renditions of a couple of their own classic pieces for a definite highlight of the year.
VNV Nation - Resonance VNV Nation - Resonance - This album is definitely not what you would expect from the popular band that coined the term "Future Pop" featuring hard-hitting beats and driving electronic anthems. However, it's a great fit and a this album was a special treat, especially for those of us that enjoy the classical symphonic orchestra music. To have their classic tracks done in this style is a real treat to have in our collection and a highlight for the year.
Red Sun Revival - Identities Red Sun Revival - Identities - It was great to get this latest album from this gothic rock band this year. The collection of tracks on this album are an excellent addition to our collection this year.
Mr Kitty - Fragments Mr Kitty - Fragments - It's hard to believe we were just introduced to this band just over a year ago and now we have their fifth album and the third album we've featured and reviewed here on Gothic Paradise. As with his previous releases, this one comes out as a definite standout among the others.
Lyronian - Crisis Lyronian - Crisis - This was one of our great newcomers of the year and a great addition to the airwaves and pages of Gothic Paradise. Their powerful style of emotionally driven electro-pop music is one that we definitely enjoy here similar to other stellar artists of the same genre.
Intent:Outtake - Wake Up Call Intent:Outtake - Wake Up Call - Here we have another great newcomer to the pages of Gothic Paradise and this album was a great introduction. It's nice to hear a new band that stands out like this one does amongst the hundreds of releases we've been treated with this year.
The Lovely Intangibles - Tomorrow Is Never The Lovely Intangibles - Tomorrow Is Never - It seems our listeners and readers love the gothabilly style, because as soon as we introduced this band they shot into the top 10 of our radio shows and remained there much of the year. In more than just genre and style, this band as a newcomer with this album is a great highlight for the year.
Ego Likeness - When The Wolves Return Ego Likeness - When The Wolves Return - This is another band that keeps on going, releasing one great album after another. All of this they have done amidst great challenges and a busy touring schedule. We've been following and enjoying this album from their first release and this album was a great addition to our collection this year.
A Covenant of Thorns - The Fields of Flesh A Covenant of Thorns - The Fields of Flesh - This is another project we've followed with great interest from it's inception and so it was a great treat to receive word of this album after such a long wait.

Best Newcomer of 2015

Lights That Change - Lights That Change - We were introduced to so many great new bands this year, it was nearly impossible to choose a favorite out of all of them. However, not many tracks could beat the ethereal beauty of "Voices", the fun 80's spunk of "Toxic" or the spell-binding moments of the latest single with their cover of "Song To The Siren". While we don't have any formal full-length albums, we have a number of tracks spanning various singles and a couple of EP's that we've featured on our airwaves and reviewed here. Since being introduced to this band this year, we have loved being treated by each new track this year and look forward to many more.

Radio Top 10 of 2015

What we have here are the best rated tracks of all of those broadcasted throughout the year that were released or at least new to Gothic Paradise within the past year or so. These are the top 10 out of literally hundreds of selections we've aired that were released during that time. Each week we calculate and post the top 10 for the week and from each of these we've tallied up the best for the year.

Club Radio Best of 2015
  1. Marsheaux - Inhale - Inhale
  2. New Order - Restless - Music Complete
  3. Cosmic Armchair - I Don't Belong Here - I Don't Belong Here
  4. Alkemic Generator - Parallel World - Mechanical Reflections
  5. Lights That Change - Beautiful Soul - Beautiful Soul
  6. Mr Kitty - Entwine - Fragments
  7. The Birthday Massacre - Divide - Superstition
  8. The Lovely Intangibles - Do As You Please - Tomorrow Is Never
  9. Ego Likeness - New Legion - When The Wolves Return
  10. Lyronion - Long Live The King - Crisis
Ethereal Radio Best of 2015
  1. She Likes Winter - Lost Desire - A Year In Our Lives
  2. Chandeen - Invaded By Love - Forever and Ever
  3. SPC ECO - Tweet Fields At Night - Sirens and Satellites
  4. Lunar Twin - Champagne (Ummagma Remix) - Champagne EP
  5. Lights That Change - Voices - Voices
  6. Mellonta Tauta - Raining House - Rainbow Melodies
  7. Ego Likeness - When the Wolves Return - When The Wolves Return
  8. Irfan - The Cave of Swimmers - The Eternal Return
  9. The Lovely Intangibles - Tomorrow Is Never - Tomorrow Is Never
  10. Psy'Aviah - OK - Introspection/Extrospection

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