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Based in Toronto, Canada, Artoffact Records is dedicated to releasing and
promoting electronic music sounds.  This electronic label was formed and started in 1999 the way many small labels have started in the past, with the compilation release The Thin Edge of the Wedge.  This compilation featured artists like Beborn Beton, Noxious Emotion and Cybershadow to name just a few.  They have since signed some good artists and have several releases.

The music released by this label definitely is quite focused on the EBM, Trance and Synthpop genres.  Some of the artists signed so far include Psyche, Massiv en Mensch and Trylok and a few more.  They are currently looking to sign new and innovative groups and are in the process of signing a new group from Europe.

Art of Fact records have participated in the multi-label release of How to Make a New Friend Vol. 2 with a selection from Psyche.  They will also have an artist on the next volume of this collaborative compilation.  Along with these releases, many of the artists on this label have appeared on various popular compilations including the Venussa XX 2, Square Matrix and other compilations.

Be sure to check out the Art of Fact website and listen to the Gothic Paradise Club Mix for selections from the artists on this label.

Website: www.artoffact.com

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