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img Amidst all of the labels that seem to be disappearing left and right, it's great to have a few new labels start to show up that are truly doing something good with our great independent dark music scene. This label is one of those which was formed recently in 2008. The label started out focusing on german bands (no surprise there, since germany seems to be the center of all things goth / industrial related recently). They've spread to include bands from all over the world, gradually expanding and growing. Over the years they've started to gather some traction among the various gothic rock, indie and new wave side of the scene which otherwise seems saturated with various EBM and Industrial bands. Seemingly guaranteeing to keep the scene diverse, this label has helped to bring to light some great music in recent years.

Here on Gothic Paradise we are very pleased with many of the artists we've been introduced to through this label. Some of the outstanding artists we've been featuring here on our radio show (and some with reviews linked here) include:

These are just a few of the many bands from this label. As they continue to release new material and new bands, we'll pick them up and share them with our readers and listeners on our radio shows. Be sure to keep an eye out for their latest releases as they truly do seem to be the label to inject some variety into our scene and keep the new wave and gothic rock music alive.

Join The Dark Side, We Have The Music! - Review

It's great when labels put together a compilation of some of their release offerings from time to time. img This compilation is no exception and shows the great talent that we've been presented lately on AF Music. Featuring 19 tracks spanning their range of gothic, shoegazer and post-punk styles, we have a great compilation here.

For me to begin with, obvious favorites stood out in the tracks from albums that I've already reviewed and featured here for some time on Gothic Paradise. Stellar tracks are included from Principe Valiente with a favorite from them in the form of "In My Arms", The Foreign Resort includes their harder-driving piece "Take A Walk", a true gothic rock favorite from Rhombus appears with "Timeless and Elegant" and along the same lines with the dark gothic sounds of "Permutations" we have Christine Plays Viola. These bands have stood out with their talent and range of excellent music fans, listeners and readers here should be familiar with.

A few other treasures were discovered after further listening and have resulted in us picking up more material or looking forward to more material from these bands. Winter Severity Index appears with their style of old-school goth, similar to older Siouzsie and the Banshees and related styles. Their song "The Wiser" features that excellent gothic-styled driving guitar, heavy bass and moving beat. Along the lines of the heavier gothic rock of the 90's we have Legion featuring the dark, deeper, somber vocals mixed with heavy layers of guitars and driving percussion on "Collapse". As the album moves along we get a taste of the lighter new wave and indie sounds with The Search and the quirky styles of Emerald Park and the slightly more electronic-oriented Danish Daycare.

While with most compilations there are definitely drawbacks such as a broad range of artists, styles and variations in production and artistic quality, for the most part this is a diverse and good collection of music. Check it out, you're sure to discover something new that you'll enjoy and be sure to chase down the albums of those artists you do, for me it has been worth it.

Rating: 4/5

website: www.af-music.com

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