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Lights That Change
We were introduced to this incredible band just over a year ago with their spellbinding track "Voices". We were able to pick up most of their released over the next little while which we featured on our airwaves and on the pages here with a review. However, with all of the material they had released, they were yet to pull together a full-length album though they had a few EPs and several singles under their belt. Finally, earlier this year we were finally presented with Byzantium. This great album features our first and favorite track "Voices" along with a nice selection of other great songs. For those longing for a step back to the peak of the 90's ethereal shoegaze genre and the birth of the Heavenly Voices collection, this band really captures those sentiments, styles and memories. While still standing on their own with their material, this is something brand new for us all to enjoy here in 2016. It is a pleasure to feature this band which has quickly become a favorite here for us at Gothic Paradise. Read the reviews and listen for yourself and jump over to bandcamp or other outlets where their music is found and purchase their entire catalog, it's well worth it.

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Long Live Gothic Paradise Radio!!
For over sixteen years we have focused on trying to bring our listeners and readers the best music available. We've had our two radio shows running all this time up until about a month ago when we had to consolidate. We weren't sure we would make it but thanks to our wonderful listeners around the world we have far surpassed the minimum average total listening hours to remain active. In fact, as a radio show we are currently thriving. While we'll do a complete year in review in the next couple of months, it's worth mentioning that while this has been our hardest year in many ways, it has also been one of our best. We will keep Gothic Paradise on the air as long as we have a reasonable avenue to broadcast our music and we hope to share great music with our listeners and readers for many more years to come. Thanks again to all of our wonderful readers, listeners and of course the talented and kind artists and labels that help provide us with such great music to share! Tune in and enjoy all of our latest playlists including our New Music Mondays specials, our featured Gothic Paradise playlists, our Top 10 radio show, Flashback Fridays and Soft and Soothing Sunday Sounds.
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Latest news and updates:

Endure [December 4, 2016] Assemblage 23 - Endure - Tom Shear just keeps going strong delivering another powerful electro-pop album with pounding beats and layered synths all backing his solid vocals portraying mood and message of the thoughtful lyrics.

Byzantium [November 20, 2016] Lights That Change - Byzantium - It's finally here! The first official full-length album from this stellar ethereal shoegaze band. Though we've had plenty of great music from them over the past year or so, this is the official debut album and it's a real treasure.

Imagica [November 13, 2016] The Birthday Massacre - Imagica - It seems we've been blessed by music from many of the legendary great artists we've featured for years here on Gothic Paradise. This is another one and going all the way back to the demo tapes when they were called Imagica, another great collector's item with our review here.

These Fleeting Moments [November 13, 2016] Black Tape for a Blue Girl - These Fleeting Moments - It has been a while since we've had this renowned Ethereal project here on the pages of Gothic Paradise. It is with great pleasure that we welcome them back with a review of their latest album hearkening back to all the greatest elements of the past and present.

The Blinding Dark [November 6, 2016] Covenant - The Blinding Dark - This legendary electro-pop band is at it again with another great new album. Check out our review of this new work as well as the single Sound Mirrors which we've been enjoying in our top 10.

Bellum Esse [October 23, 2016] Somnare - Bellum Esse - Presenting this great new mix of marshal industrial and neo-classical from this Spanish duo. This is their debut album and a great introduction for us to the band.

Intruder [October 23, 2016] Sexy Suicide - Intruder - If you're longing for some classic 80's synthpop sound without listening to the same old 80's bands over and over, we have your fix here with this talented project. This is a great new band with a classic sound that we love, enjoy!

About Haloes [October 1, 2016] Intent:Outtake - About Haloes - It's with great pleasure that we introduce the second album from this powerful electo-industrial act here on Gothic Paradise. Check out the review and enjoy their music on our radio show.

Precious Paradise [October 1, 2016] Mental Discipline - Precious Paradise - We've been enjoying the powerful electro-pop styles from this project for a while now with their two previous EP's. You can now pick up all of those tracks plus three additional pieces on this new full-length CD. Enjoy the review and selections on our Gothic Paradise radio show.

Breathe In [September 12, 2016] Purple Fog Side - Breathe In - Introducing this new maxi-single from this Russian electro-pop project. They've taken a turn to the dream-pop sound that readers and listeners should enjoy here.

My Imaginary Shores [September 12, 2016] Märcoda - My Imaginary Shores - Enjoy this short EP review from this great new electro and dream-pop project. Listen and enjoy tracks on both of our radio shows.

Whispers of the Forest [August 28, 2016] An Danzza - Whispers of the Forest - This project and latest album is no stranger for our Ethereal radio show listeners and readers. With us playing songs from their full discography they have become a true staple on Gothic Paradise. Now it is with great pleasure that we present the review of their latest album.

Bata Motel [August 21, 2016] Hexa - Bata Motel - Introducing this diverse and eclectic experimental project crossing genre lines from gothic, ethereal and shoegaze with a heavy dose of noise mixed in. Enjoy the review and selections on our radio shows.

Harpies [August 6, 2016] Obsidian FX - Harpies - This is our first introduction to this band, but first impressions are lasting impressions and so it was with what we heard. Enjoy their unique style of heavy electronic industrial music on this album.

Strange Days [August 6, 2016] Dark Souls Day - Strange Days - After six years we finally have a second EP from this dark, heavy hitting gothic rock band featuring five of these dark tracks.

Hypaerion [July 6, 2016] Aeon Sable - Hypaerion - This is a veteran band here on Gothic Paradise with their solid gothic rock sound presented on another great album. Check out our review and enjoy selections on our radio show.

Di Indomito Incanto [July 6, 2016] Carlo De Filippo - Di Indomito Incanto - Introducing the solo work from this artist also known as half of the dark folk duo known as Oniric. We present here a review of this debut album packed with spellbinding mix of piano and various mesmerizing symphonic loops.

Strange Night [June 19, 2016] Sykoya - Strange Night - We stumbled onto this release amidst the dozens of submissions we receive each week. This turned out to be a real gem, while only four original tracks and a remix are presented here, what we have is absolutely remarkable and a set of new classics we'll be listening to for a while to come.

Dark Narrows [June 19, 2016] Lights That Change - Dark Narrows - As we anxiously await the anticipated full-length release of their full-length album, we have another teaser EP from this talented band featuring their classic ethereal, dream-pop and shoegaze styles.

Mother of Abominations [June 19, 2016] Angelic Foe - Mother of Abominations - Introducing the sophomore release from the stunning vocalist Annmari Thim's solo work featuring bombastic martial industrial mixed with beautiful neo-classical musical compositions.

Beneath the Serene [May 22, 2016] Mercury's Antennae - Beneath the Serene - Presenting our special feature on this powerful ethereal shoegaze band featuring Dru's haunting vocals over layers of guitar reverb and ambient soundscapes. Check out the review and listen to selections on our ethereal show.

The Other Side of Fear [May 22, 2016] Brotherhood - The Other Side of Fear - Keeping up the gothic rock sound we have the latest EP from this band. Grounded in the gothic rock style of the 90's, this is another great release with some nice selections heard on our club mix radio show and reviewed here.

Edge of the World [May 22, 2016] The Sweetest Condition - Edge of the World - Cranking out the pounding beats and layered electronic synth loops we have this dance-friendly band with their debut full-length album. Check out the review and selections on our club mix radio show.

All The Way Down [April 22, 2016] Dead When I Found Her - All The Way Down - Catching up on a great release from late last year, we have added a review of this excellent old-school industrial album including a bonus disc titled The Bottom with even more great music.

The Mercy-Go-Round [April 10, 2016] Heaven Falls Hard - The Mercy-Go-Round - This coldwave project is back with another heart-wrenching album with eight hauntingly beautiful tracks. Check out our review here on Gothic Paradise and go pick up the album for your own collection.

En Directo 2015 [March 27, 2016] Aura Noctis - En Directo 2015 - Introducing the latest great work from this talented composer and group of musicians on this unique live recording, featuring an excellent set of haunting neo-classical tracks on this album and DVD.

Soulless Experiment [March 20, 2016] The Rose Phantom - Soulless Experiment - Added a review of the four-track cassette EP featuring a diverse cross-section of styles and sounds from this artist.

Between Parallel Lights [March 13, 2016] Schonwald - Between Parallel Lights - Introducing the third studio album from this intense coldwave band that mixes layers of electronics with soaring siren-like reverberating guitars and monotone female vocals.

Voyage [March 13, 2016] Zephyrium - Voyage - Presenting this project that mixes classical opera with modern new age and electronica, creating a beautiful selection of music.

Mirror [February 27, 2016] Mirror - Mirror - After being out of print for quite some time, we have a reissue of this incredible album. Released on CD and Vinyl from Artoffact Records, for those that missed it the first time around, pick up this rare gem and new favorite.

[February 27, 2016] New Order - Music Complete - This band needs no introduction and die-hard fans through the years will no doubt already have this album. However, if you were skeptical or not sure about picking it up, lay aside any reservations and don't hesitate. Check out our review, listen to tracks and grab the album, you'll love it.

Deranged [February 21, 2016] Third Realm - Deranged - Keeping up with the onslaught of powerful music crossing genres between industrial and electro-goth, we have another packed album from this band to enjoy.

Memories [February 21, 2016] Mind.In.A.Box - Memories - Catching up on some older releases from some favorite artists here. This is the latest from this talented and unique electro-pop band, a great addition to our collection.

Secret Lie [February 1, 2016] Secret Lie - Pandora - We've added a review of this latest album from this rock band (with a touch of goth and metal for fans here) as well as a review of their debut album released a couple of years ago.

Lights That Change [January 15, 2016] Lights That Change - Lights That Change - This great new band has quickly captured our attention with their spellbinding ethereal wave music. It's with great pleasure that we feature them here with a review of their digital discography.

Resonance [January 2, 2016] VNV Nation - Resonance - Presenting a review of the excellent classical symphonic approach to this band's powerful memorable tracks on this album. We've added a review and you can catch these selections on our Ethereal Radio Show.

Purity & Perversion [December 24, 2015] Rhombus - Purity & Perversion - Introducing this short but great five-track EP from this band hailing from the UK with their tried and true melodic gothic rock style for some great new classics to enjoy.

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