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Friends of Alice Ivy
This project was formed around 2007 from the duo of Amps (instruments and programming) and Kylie (vocals), formally of the prominent ethereal shoegaze group Ostia out of Australia. Gothic Paradise listeners should be familiar with Ostia and their lilting, ethereal shoegaze style. This new project strips out much of the guitar and abstracts out many of the elements for a much more ambient ethereal style with various synthesized and organic symphonic instruments combined. Check out the reviews of their releases, but in summary, readers can imagine many of the excellent elements we love from Ostia with Kylie's beautiful, soft vocals and leave out much of any percussion and guitar and replace it with soft, dreamy soundscapes. Check out the band's home page for a more detailed history as well as updates and other information. Also tune into our Ethereal show for selections from this and other excellent artists in the related genres.

These artists have kept listeners entertained over the years with two EP's and with the release of their first full-length album we're happy to feature them here on Gothic Paradise. This latest work combines all of the great captivating elements from their career with a heavy influence from ethereal ambience and a touch of 80's new wave mixed in, while all the time Kylie's angelic vocals keep the listener entranced. Check out the reviews, the video below, explor the band's website, listen to tracks on our Ethereal radio show and pick up their catalog.

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Mental Discipline
This project is the solo work from the talented artist Alex Mental hailing from Russia. Started several years ago, the first official release was in the form of 2011's maxi-single Fallen Stars. The first official full-length album followed just over a year later in late 2012 with Constellation. He continued to write and compose more music, collaborating with various vocalists for two more EP's in the form of the well-received Fall 2 Pieces featuring several tracks and remixes from the previous album and later Butterfly gives us a sneak peek into the upcoming album.

The music from this artist is a mix of synthpop and electro-pop, featuring dance-friendly beats mixed with a variety of electronic loops and synthesizers. Alex composes and performs the music as well as writes many of the lyrics and then has many vocalists from prominent bands in the genre contribute their talents. Many of these names are well-recognized in the scene especially by readers here on the pages of Gothic Paradise with the likes of vocalists from Culture Kultu¨re, Pulcher Femina, Frozen Plasma, Cold in May and many others. The mix of these talented vocalists with the dance-friendly music is a great recipe for success in these genres and has been well-received around the world. We are happy to include this project here among some of our favorites and new classics.

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Latest news and updates:

The Lost Patrol - Chasing Shadows[October 13, 2014] The Lost Patrol - Chasing Shadows - Introducing the latest great new album from this band that loves to mix up a great, classic gothabilly sound with sometimes sweet, sometimes sassy female vocals. This album continues on with the easily recognized sound for another great selection of music fans can really enjoy.

2014 Live and Interview[September 30, 2014] Xandria - Live and Interview - We had the incredible opportunity to sit down with Marco and Dianne from the band and ask a few questions and talk about their passion for their music as well as catch the live show later that night. Enjoy the interview and live performance review.

Mr Kitty - Time[August 24, 2014] Mr Kitty - Time - Added a review of the latest moody and melodic synthpop from Mr Kitty, exploring an excellent selection of dance-friendly, emotionally charged selections. Definitely a new gem for fans to love.

Friends of Alicy Ivy - The Golden Cage and its Mirrored Maze[August 17, 2014] Friends of Alice Ivy - The Golden Cage and its Mirrored Maze - Presenting their latest release and first full-length album, this band have outdone themselves with this release with the captivating ethereal tracks on this album.

Deleyaman - The Edge[July 20, 2014] Deleyaman - The Edge - Here is the latest release from this dynamic group combining world, alternative, ethereal and dark wave genres together into a great album of work. We've also included a review of their previous album Fourth - Part Two.

Principe Valiente - Choirs of Blessed Youth[July 20, 2014] Principe Valiente - Choirs of Blessed Youth - Presenting the long-awaited sophomore album from this talented post-punk, shoegaze group. This album shows the band build on their solid sound with great new tracks that are dynamic and mesmerizing.

Mental Discipline - Butterfly[June 22, 2014] Mental Discipline - Butterfly - Introducing two new review from a new project here on Gothic Paradise, Mental Discipline. This EP is the latest release, a pre-cursor to the upcoming full-length album that we'll be looking forward to.

Mr Kitty - Life[June 8, 2014] Mr Kitty - Life - Here is a new project to the pages and airwaves of Gothic Paradise with an excellent mix of classic new wave and modern synthpop with various styles of clear or vocoded vocals, all emotionally charged and dynamic.

Mercury's Antennae - A Waking Ghost Inside[June 1, 2014] Mercury's Antennae - A Waking Ghost Inside - Presenting this great new project in the vein of classic ethereal shoegaze from a very talented duo. We have their debut album here featuring all great new music that fans of these genres will swoon over.

Xandria - Sacrificium [May 25, 2014] Xandria - Sacrificium - Added a review the great new release from this powerful gothic metal band. They've put together another great album with grinding guitars, symphonic metal and opera vocals for an unforgettable release.

All My Faith Lost... - Redefine My Pure Faith [May 25, 2014] All My Faith Lost... - Redefine My Pure Faith - Introducing this excellent cover EP from this talented Italian duo. They have taken some great tracks from Black Tape for a Blue Girl and have put their own style and spin on them for a great release.

Makaras Pen - Journeys to the End [April 27, 2014] Makaras Pen - Journeys to the End - Added a review the excellent, new five-track EP from this etherael shoegaze, alt-rock group. This is a great EP that's definitely worth picking up.

Cold In May - Dark Season [April 12, 2014] Cold In May - Dark Season - Check out the sophomore album from this trio hailing from Belarus featuring a more mature style of electro-goth music.

Cold In May - Gone Away With The Memories [April 12, 2014] Cold In May - Gone Away With The Memories - Introducing this new band to the pages of Gothic Paradise with the release of their re-issued debut album under SkyQode records, they feature a nice mix of synthpop and gothic styles for a great sound.

Double Echo - Life Inside/Rupture/Sylvia [March 24, 2014] Double Echo - Life Inside/Rupture/Sylvia - Introducing this great new group as our special feature here on Gothic Paradise. In addition to a review of this great new 3-track EP, we've also reviewed their debut album Phantomime. Enjoy!

Sensuous Enemy - Voyager [March 9, 2014] Sensuous Enemy - Voyager - Added a review of the third full-length release from this female-fronted, electro-pop act hailing from Madison, WI. With plenty of dance-friendly tracks that will keep the body moving, it's a great addition to our collection.

Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks - The Oracle [February 9, 2014] Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks - The Oracle - Introducing the artist new to the pages of Gothic Paradise with the release of their fifth studio album. The style of beautiful, female-fronted Celtic music is great and simple, perfect for fans of spell-binding ethereal music.

Neuro-Sentence - The Shores of Anhedonia [January 26, 2014] Neuro-Sentence - The Shores of Anhedonia - Introducing a great new band to the pages of Gothic Paradise with a review of their debut album released on Xperiment XIII. We were introduced to their track "Inferno" on the Wicked Trax compilation as a great introduction to their hard-hitting electro-industrial sound.

Zombina and the Skeletones - Charnel House Rock [January 26, 2014] Zombina and the Skeletones - Charnel House Rock - These horror-punk fiends are at it again with another delightfully morbid and fun album full of great music. The band keeps the fun alive with their tried and true sound we've grown to love over the years.

Cinderfall - In Memoriam [January 5, 2014] Cinderfall - In Memoriam - Introducing another great new band to the pages of Gothic Paradise in the form of this trio that brings to us their excellent style of heavy-hitting electro-goth music.

Purple Fog Side - Reality Awaits [January 5, 2014] Purple Fog Side - Reality Awaits - Though this band has been in existence for nearly two decades in Russia, we're just becoming acquainted with them here on Gothic Paradise and we're happy to introduce this excellent album with a great mix of electro-pop and darkwave styles.

Wicked Trax [December 27, 2013] Xperiment XIII - Wicked Trax Compilation - Presenting this great 38-track compilation of great music covering great selections from gothic, darkwave, electro-pop, EBM and Industrial genres.

Aeon Sable - Aequinoctium [December 22, 2013] Aeon Sable - Aequinoctium - Added a review of this five-track EP released earlier this year featuring all new music including the popular track "Tenfifteen".

SPC ECO - Sirens and Satellites [December 15, 2013] SPC ECO - Sirens and Satellites - Featuring the great new album from this very talented duo. With such a great range of music and styles across so many tracks, this is a true gem featuring some definite new favorites for us and our listeners.

System Syn - No Sky To Fall [December 1, 2013] System Syn - No Sky To Fall - Never slowing down and building on the powerful, emotionally driven electronic music we've grown to love over the years, we have a new album to enjoy from System Syn.

Interface - The Perfect World [November 29, 2013] Interface - The Perfect World - Presenting the fifth studio album from this New York based project featuring a nice mix of pounding, dance-friendly, techno-infused electro-pop music.

Individual Totem - Kyria 13 [November 24, 2013] Individual Totem - Kyria 13 - This talented duo present us with this interesting concept album featuring a unique blend of electronica, industrial and trance soundscapes for a nice album fans will enjoy.

Ludovico Technique - We Came To Wreck Everything [November 17, 2013] Ludovico Technique - We Came To Wreck Everything - Added a review of this excellent remix album featuring a diverse set of alternate mixes of tracks from their debut album Some Things Are Beyond Therapy.

Lisa Cuthbert - Paramour [November 10, 2013] Lisa Cuthbert - Paramour - Introducing a new artist to the pages of Gothic Paradise with the talented vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Lisa Cuthbert with a review of her captivating sophomre album.

Covenant - Leaving Babylon [November 3, 2013] Covenant - Leaving Babylon - Presenting the latest powerful electro-pop album from this legendary band. Presenting ten solid tracks that fans old and new will love as it covers a broad range, yet anchored in the solid styles we know and love from this group.

The Exploding Boy - Four [October 27, 2013] The Exploding Boy - Four - Added a review of the great new album from this quartet of post-punk rockers. We've been enjoying their music here for a couple of years now from their previous album as well and now this new album is a great new addition.

Them Are Us Too - T.A.U.T. [October 6, 2013] Them Are Us Too - T.A.U.T. - Presenting a special feature on this excellent great new band out of California, with their haunting and dreamy sound with a mix of new wave meets electronica, shoe gaze and post-punk.

Oniric - Mannequins [October 6, 2013] Oniric - Mannequins Introducing the latest album from this French cabaret duo featuring a host of new tracks with their creative and sometimes chaotic sound and style.

Pavla Mikulasova - Respirare [September 7, 2013] Pavla Mikulasova - Respirare - Listen to the new single released earlier this year from this enchanting, ethereal artist with her angelic vocals and haunting piano compositions.

Pavla Mikulasova - Mirror [September 7, 2013] Pavla Mikulasova - Mirrors - Introducing a review of the debut album from this artist, featuring a mix of beautiful ethereal and neo-classical to a haunting variety of spellbinding music with just a touch of new age feel to it all.

Syrian - Death of a Sun [September 2, 2013] Syrian - Death of a Sun - It's been a while since we had anything from this synthpop duo, but the wait has been well worth it with this new album. Featuring a trip back into the classic analog synth sounds of the 80's we have a great album with Death of a Sun.

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